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PGXL app com loss

Here I go again... I know I should stop messing with a good thing from 50+ years in this hobby but with no coupling caps or clipping circuits to monkey with etc. I'm relegated to just tweaking settings and set ups in this day and age.

Here's my puzzle for the day... In the interest of having to stop having to switch off and on the PGXL whenever we have a power glitch (common in Maine lately) in order to trip the DHCP request to get it back talking to the world I set up a static IP and reserved it in the router and now the PG app on my two windows PC's app will not talk to the PG. I can ping the PG from both of the PC's in question and have deleted and reinstalled the app but no joy. this means I can't do any changes in the settings on it. Just to make the issue a little more fun, I can operate and use the PGXL from the Maestro setting on the desk connected by wifi on the same router with no problem and SSDR 3.3.32 on the PC's in question also sees and displays the status of the PG and the amp operates normally. I just can't switch it in and out of standby except from the Maestro. any thoughts?

I apologize for the questions but it is difficult to sit here operating all this remarkable gear without getting my fingers in it once in a while... 😀

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  • Mike  W1BFA in Maine
    Mike W1BFA in Maine Member ✭✭

    thinking about it, I wonder if the Maestro and SSDR use a different port as a web based service? Wish I knew more about networking...

  • bahillen
    bahillen Member ✭✭✭

    I run my station powered up 24/7.

    Power glitches were frustrating especially the internet modem. The Comcast modem takes about 2 minutes to reboot.

    First I added a simple not managed ethernet switch that connects only Flex equipment that connects to the Comcast modem. Latency improved a little but always 1 ms.

    Next I bought a UPS to power the Comcast modem, the switch and my computer and monitors.

    I have not put my 6600 on batteries yet but can. I have not had a problem with loosing device operation since. By the way I have a linear, non-switching power supply on the 6600 so the PS output capacitor bridges power glitches.




  • Mike  W1BFA in Maine
    Mike W1BFA in Maine Member ✭✭

    Hi Bill... Thanks for the info and input. I have some of those items in place or being considered but what I have now is a network issue. I cannot get the PGXL app to communicate with the amp on either of the Windows PC's I use here on the desk after changing over to a static IP. Again, I can ping the PG from either PC and SSDR running on those PC's sees and communicates with the amp as well as my Maestro on the same network. The Maestro will also switch it in and out of Standby and the amp does it's amp thing fine with all three. It's just that the PGXL utility won't get to a status that it can talk to the PGXL so I can monkey with and possibly correct what I **** up. It is curious that everything seemed to be working fine for a couple of days and then I started up one morning and the app wouldn't connect from either PC?

    thanks! Mike

  • David Decoons, wo2x
    David Decoons, wo2x Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Hi Mike,

    Your post was not clear. Are you using DHCP reservation in the router to reserve the IP or are you setting a static IP in the amp via the app?

    To at least get the app communicating to the amp, try resetting the amp.

    Turn off the rear switch, then hold the Operate/Standby button while turning on the rear switch. Hold the button until it does the self test. You will neeed to tap the blue dots on front panel (calibrate touch screen). Then from the app configure the Flex tab and in the other tab enable MeFFA if you use it.

    I had an issue similar to yours using a static IP in the amp (not router DHCP reservation). Resetting the amp and configuring the static IP again cured it.

    If you continue to have issues, please open a Help Desk ticket.


    Dave wo2x

  • Mike  W1BFA in Maine
    Mike W1BFA in Maine Member ✭✭

    Hi David... I was originally using DHCP in the amp but decided to switch over to a static IP and set the IP in the amp and turned off the DHCP request. At the same time I reserved that IP in the router for the PGXL and everybody seemed happy for a couple of days. I could use the amp from both Windows boxes and SSDR. I can't think of anything I changed after that and I started up the station one day and the app wouldn't work.

    I will do the restart you mentioned and see if that works. I have been cautious and not in much hurry as it seemed like I read a post from someone not too long ago had bricked his PGXL somehow and I really didn't want to do that. thanks Mike

  • Mike  W1BFA in Maine
    Mike W1BFA in Maine Member ✭✭

    I did the reset and the amp came back into the world nicely. At the point I left it DHCP and later when I get some time I will put the static in again. Thanks to all. Mike

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