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Configuring FlexControl on SmartSDR for Mac 2.1.16

WC6Y Member ✭✭

I am transitioning from SmartSDR to SmartSDR for Mac and want to use my FlexControl in the same fashion as before, if possible. I have successfully interfaced the dial of my FlexControl with SmartSDR for Mac. Tunes fine. Configured the Dial click to Zoom in on the active slice, Dial double click to zoom back out, which is nice.

On SmartSDR for Windows, I had Aux 1 set up for RIT, Aux 2 for CW speed, and Aux 3 for XIT. I would push, say, Aux 1, the LED above would light, and the dial control would vary the RIT. Pushing the Aux 1 button again would return the dial control to frequency. The other buttons would work similarly.

On SmartSDR for Mac, I can set Aux 1 to RIT, but there's no light, and the dial control doesn't do anything. For Aux 2 I don't see CW speed as an option at all. CW speed is an option for the Dial control, but slice frequency is more important.

Does anyone know how I can replicate my prior functionality?




  • Ignacio EA4OR
    Ignacio EA4OR Member ✭✭

    Hi Ken,

    I have the same problem, exactly the same. I emailed Marcus but still no answer from him. I hope someone can help us.

    73's Ignacio, EA4OR.

  • Mike Steventon
    Mike Steventon Member ✭✭✭

    I have had a quick look on SSDR for Mac, under "Tools", "Controller", Flex control", and selecting various buttons, LEDs, Wheel, etc settings, there appears to be a great number of options to assign to the controller. Hopefully you can see them yourself and hopefully there will be something to suit your needs.

    A lot of operators are finding the StreamDeck a very valuable tool to use for controlling all sorts of parameters. Probably worth a look. They are not too expensive. I personally use LoupeDeck CT (which was not cheap!!) to do my "Extra" parameter controls, as I like the psychological kick I get from pressing a touch button or turning an encoder and seeing and hearing the effect!!!

    Ultimately it will depend on your finances and where you want to go with station enhancements. SSDR for Mac is brilliant for Midi devices to be used for control, but is a bit of a learning curve.

    Best of luck with your choice and I hope you will be able to find your solution by digging around inside the menus provided in FlexControl assignments, accessed as above.

    73 Mike G4GWH

  • Alan
    Alan Member ✭✭✭✭


    How is "LoopDeck" interfaced with the Flex Radio?

    Alan. WA9WUD

  • Mike Steventon
    Mike Steventon Member ✭✭✭

    Hello Alan.

    Loupedeck is interfaced with my Flexradio via the back of my Apple iMac, using the supplied USB-c to USB connector. I of course am using SSDR for Mac on the iMac. I use many of the commands that Marcus has installed under Tools, Midi Controller. It was a laugh-a-minute whilst I was learning about midi, but now I can most probably now instruct commands to the radio with my Roland keyboard!!! I find the big advantage to me of Loupedeck CT is there are 7 encoders to twiddle with so it is easy to dedicate one encoder exclusively for example frequency change (I use the big knob for that) and another one exclusively for AGC adjust. (I use that one a lot!). And lots more, only limited to what Marcus has provided in his commands list.

    73 de Mike G4GWH