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NAQP RTTY and CQ VHF SmartSDR for Mac contest setup recommendations?


I will likely be away this weekend and may want to dabble in NAQP RTTY and the CQ VHF contest (and possibly the POTA activity weekend) operating my station remote using SmartLink and my MacBook Air M1 using SmartSDR for Mac.

What are going to be the easiest setups for me to cover SmartLink, SmartSDR, and contest logging, remote? FLDIGI for the NAQP RTTY? RUMlogNG for logging?

I also have my iPad Air and SmartSDR for iOS.

Will be SmartLink for the rig, as my Synology VPN isn't playing well with my Macs yet.

Any videos or set-up how-to's?


Steve AK0M