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Faros & Flex 6000?

W2ECK Member ✭✭
edited June 2022 in Third-Party Software

An old topic but wondering if anyone has gotten Faros to work with a Flex 6000 series radio?

I have asked this question a while back and I don't believe anyone had. Faros is still the best windows program in my mind for monitoring the NCDFX beacons. So if you have it working, would love to hear from you.

Paul w2eck


  • RFord
    RFord Member ✭✭✭

    Faros will not work in the Flex environment…the developer suggested I use the internal sound card on my computer. You will need to setup a Cat port for band changes. It will work with this configuration. I got the impression he does not plan to change the program to meet the needs of Flex. Hope this helps...

    Best Regards,


  • W2ECK
    W2ECK Member ✭✭

    Ronald - thanks for the reply. Yes I am using a CAT port and Faros is changing the 6600 frequencies at the correct time. It is on the Rx side that it's not working well. I can hear the beacons transmit, but Faros was not recording any data in the Monitor, History and Details tabs. I looked back thru some old email that I had exchanges with Alex the program author and found where he had said "The Flex software has a long latency that you need to compensate for by using the Delay Correction control in Faros. And in a followup he said try a BIG number. So I today, I set the signal delay to 57 and now I am seeing data in the History tab, but still nothing in the Monitor or Details tab. I am going to write again and see if he has any other hints.

    73 Paul w2eck

  • W2ECK
    W2ECK Member ✭✭

    I now have FAROS working 100% with my 6600, or working in the Flex environment. It does take a minor bit of tweaking but in the end, it works beautifully. I did exchange a few more emails with Alex VE3NEA who wrote the program and who gave me a few more hints.

    First setup a CAT port for FAROS. Use DAX Rx1 for your audio input. Then FAROS should then be changing the bands on time and hearing the beacon signals.

    Next and this is key, and what allows the beacon data to be properly recorded in FAROS, under View- Delay Statistics, I have my delay set to 176 ms. Drag the right edge of that window over so you can see that amount of delay and in turn the data recorded.

    To see data on the Details tab, you have to click on some cell in the band/beacon matrix on the left side. If you have the delay set properly, the dots should be clustered about the SP line.

    If you have any further questions, please ask or DM me.

    73 Paul w2eck

  • VK5DC
    VK5DC Member
    Paul, thanks for the info. I have been fiddling with this problem for a couple of months trying various settings but getting no where. Using your notes the issue is now fixed.
  • W2ECK
    W2ECK Member ✭✭


    You are quite welcome. It frustrated me for a long time, so finally decided to run it to ground. I enjoy using Faros

    73 Paul w2eck

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