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Ok, I've GOT to be missing something very simple here. Setting up Smart SDR for Mac on SSB. Where is the drop down to choose which mic I want to use? I can't for the life of me get any audio out of either my Heil Mic plugged into the back of the radio, or even a set of AirPods sync'd to the Mac.


  • KP4IP
    KP4IP Member ✭✭

    There is multiple places to check...

    You can start with the Microphone selection on the right side panel; check if "Mac" is selected. Also, check if DAX is disabled, it should be disabled.

    To change input;

  • Patrick Lenn W7APM

    That was it. It was set on BAL and honestly did not look like any sort of a choosable menu at all. I had to go back and watch videos on the windows version in order to see where it was, and then still darn near went right by it.