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Connection problems

I have 2 computers. Both Dell both running Windows 10. One computer my 6500 works great on the other you start Smart SDR ans it sees the radio. Correct SN and all. Then it will not connect. Times out trying. I rest thr radio no good. I really need to be able to use this computer not the other one. It’s pretty frustrating. Not a lotta options I’ve tried downloading the. Newest power SDR. If the computer didn’t see the radio I could understand it but it sees it w correct SN and all. Any ideas? Thx.


  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Hi Steve, are you making the connection using Wifi or an ethernet cable?

    Most of these kinds of problems are network related. Try connecting the computer directly to the radio using an ethernet cable. This will help to determine if the problem is in the computer or elsewhere.

  • SteveKC5TJT
    SteveKC5TJT Member
    Len.. I just went back to the old computer.. Radio is fine Just updated the Smart SDR and Firmware on the 6500. I have another issue. I just picked up a power Genius. Well installed the Power Genus Utility software and down loaded the utility. Well no amp on the list of available devices when the utility comes up. Anyone haver any suggestions