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Griffin Powermate Bluetooth iOS iPad

KA9RCM Member ✭✭
I’m new. Just purchased my first Flex 6400.
Using my new iPad Air 5th gen with the Flex SDR App.
I just purchased a used Griffin Powermate Bluetooth to use as a tuner however when I turn or press the button it blinks red. I can’t find the manual online, and it didn’t come with one.

How do I get this device into Bluetooth pairing mode?
Anyone that has one can you help please?


  • David N4IW
    David N4IW Member ✭✭

    Here is a link to what might be the manual. Found this using Google.


  • KA9RCM
    KA9RCM Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the response, however been there, done that. This is the error message I get with that link. It will not load.

    Message: Unexpected server response (429) while retrieving PDF
  • ka9ees
    ka9ees Member ✭✭✭

    Email Marcus,

    He'll help you. Check and make sure that the battery isn't dead.

  • Dewey WØYWW
    Dewey WØYWW Member ✭✭

    That link works here

  • KA9RCM
    KA9RCM Member ✭✭
    > @ka9ees said:
    > Email Marcus,
    > He'll help you. Check and make sure that the battery isn't dead.

    Batteries are brand new. Who is Marcus. How do I get ahold of him?
  • KA9RCM
    KA9RCM Member ✭✭
    > @"Dewey W0YWW" said:
    > That link works here

    Can you download and email it to me. I’m using an iPad here and it won’t load. My email is callsign @gmail.com.
  • Dewey WØYWW
    Dewey WØYWW Member ✭✭

    The link works, it's the download that doesn't, so what you need to do, is to print the document to a .pdf file, which the website allows.

    I've sent you an email, with .pdf attachment. The .pdf document size is 5MB, so download may take awhile for you. Anyone else needs a copy, let me know.

    73, Dewey, WØYWW

  • KA9RCM
    KA9RCM Member ✭✭
    Thanks Dewey! All I got was a spinning wheel on 2 diff browsers.

    Anyhow. Now have manual. Still can’t get it connected to my iPad. Still looking for help.
  • KA9RCM
    KA9RCM Member ✭✭
    So problem solved.

    Apparently the Powermate doesn’t connect under Bluetooth like normal devices do on the iPad.

    You have to follow the SDR Tools manual and connect to it using the Flex SDR tool software app on the iPad. Once it connects in the flex SDR APP then it shows up under Bluetooth in settings on the iPad.

    Thanks for everyone’s help!
  • Mark Ferguson

    Is anyone having a problem with using the Powermate on the latest ipad Pro? The Powermate is showing as connected in the tool section and I am using the defaulted settings. It also shows up in the ipad settings for bluetooth which it never did before.

    Any help would be great.


  • Jack H
    Jack H Member ✭✭


    Did you get this resolved?

    Having the same problem on the iPad Pro M1. The Powermate is showing connected in the App and in IPad settings but nothing works using Default mapping or Custom.

    Just sent an email to Marcus and will see what he has to say.


    Jack W9JH

  • Chris Miller
    Hi Guys
    This is my first post, and I’m old! So here goes.
    My PowerMate quit working with the latest software update! Seems pretty common! Using full size iPad. I’m 75, and I move pretty slow.
    I spent about week, trying to fix the problem. Then a light bulb 💡 went on. I remembered I have an old iPad mini with an older version of SmartSDR-iOS. So I fired up the old version, with NO upgrading! WOW, the PowerMate working great 👍. I figured out the Edit Mapping, from the old version. I’ll try to explain……..
    Go to Mapping page
    Under WHEELS /SLIDERS pick a low number, and tap on that line.
    A small edit window will appear. In the upper left,of window change the number to 1….(radio action), scroll to select “Slice Frequency”
    (Slice) scroll to “active”. Tap anywhere on screen to load
    BUTTONS tap any line. You should have an edit window Change upper left code: 101 (radio action) scroll to “PTT toggle” and (Slice) to “active” Tap screen to load changes
    LEDS tap any line You should have another edit window. Change code: 1 (radio action) scroll to “TX On” (Slice) scroll to “a” Tap screen to load
    Screen should look like this
    1 Slice Frequency Slice:active
    101 PTT toggle Slice:active
    1 TX On Slice:a

    I’ve tried this on 2 iPads, and works! Make sure you’re connected on Apple iOS and on SmartSDR-iOS
    73. Chris. K8CRM
  • Chris Miller
    I forgot to say, I ignored all the other mapping stuff! Seems OK
  • Chris Miller
    OK Guys,
    A source for NEW GRIFFIN POWERMATES, that work!! I went on eBay, searching for Bluetooth Powermates. Some came up of course, but they were labeled for MAC. Auction number 225333669414, had 7 left. Also had the best price, for new in sealed boxes! At his price, for the Macintosh version, I decided to take a chance. With taxes and shipping, it came to about $107. It came quickly, and well packaged. Opened the box, and installed some batteries and it worked great on my iPad!!! I think these are the same basic hardware, as the others. They will work fine, if you follow my mapping instructions (above). My purchase, lowered his inventory to 6. Best price on eBay for new Bluetooth PowerMates! The last of the Mohegans, I suppose.

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