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Voltage and Temperature Information.


Just a quick note to say that I have noticed the absence of voltage and temperature at the top right hand side of SSSDR for MAC ever since I upgraded to ver.3.3.29. The info returns on ver.3.2.39!!!

Has anyone else noticed this yet?

I am not too worried, as I can easily swing over to SSDR for Windows and get the info from FRStack. (ver.3.3.29 working fine on Windows.)

I have notified the developer, who advises he will likely update SSDR for MAC when the dust has settled on the most recent update for Flex Radios.

Cheers. Mike.


  • K3SF
    K3SF Member ✭✭✭

    Hi Mike


    hav e 6600m and i have seen the same and other connecting issues to with V 3.3.29


    I have reverted back to 3.2.29 per Marcus suggestions

    also had issues with xdax and xcat from Mario

    Paul K3SF... also waiting for the dust to settle here too ;-)

  • Alan
    Alan Member ✭✭✭✭


    I have the same Mac applications, Smart SDR, nDAX and nCAT, with Flex firmware 3.3.29. I do not have any issues with all of them working, the same as they did with 3.2.29.

    The meter Mac Smart SDR issue is valid and is not a flaw with firmware 3.3.29, rather it must be how MacSDR is doing its REGEX sorting of the Flex Meter List.

    So.....I say again, you must have other causes for your applications not working, such as LAN configuration, causing your problems.

    Alan. WA9WUD

  • K3SF
    K3SF Member ✭✭✭


    i do appreciate your input and how you have managed to make the update work for you.

    I filed a trouble ticket and flex told me it is third party s/w issue and to contact them and then promptly closed out the trouble ticket.


    based on someone else having same issues indicates either the two of us have same network problem which is highly unlikely and in addition we were both told by third party developer there are issues.

    just saying the evidence based on three people reporting issues and only one success does not convince me it is my network. especially since my network works just fine with 3.2.29..

    also, i have not seen any other mac users post success other than you.

    just saying as flex might say, more data helps diagnose the problem...

    Paul K3SF