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exporting profiles date/time stamp

K0FG_Fred Member ✭✭
edited April 2022 in New Ideas

When trying to import profiles I noticed that the files are not kept in proper date/time stamp order. I have 2 files, one saved 4/3/2022 at 5:17Pm and another saved at 4/3/2022 at 12:05am. the 12:05am file is listed following the 5:17pm file, I suppose simply because the number 12 comes after 5.

If you used 24 hour time for the date/time stamp then the files would be in proper sequence and I would not make the mistake again of selecting the last file dated 4/3/2022 when it was not the latest export file.

Fred, K0FG

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  • K0FG_Fred
    K0FG_Fred Member ✭✭

    Same is true on the profiles list. The order is 15 meters, 160 meters, 17 meters, 20 meters, etc. Wish they would show in numerical order. Do they only look at the first 2 digits of the profile name? No I don't think so cuz they appear as 15 cw, 15 ssb, 160 cw, 160 ssb, 17 cw, 17 ssb, etc. So how does 160 appear before 17?

    Fred, K0FG

  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Hi Fred, it is the chatacter set sort that causes this. My trick is to add leading spaces to the bands so that you always have a three character band name.

    "160 CW" - no extra spaces
    "160 SSB"
    " 80 CW" - one leading space
    " 80 SSB"
    "  6 CW" - two leading spaces
    "  6 SSB"

    Now they will sort properly.

  • K0FG_Fred
    K0FG_Fred Member ✭✭

    You are a pretty smart guy, that worked great. Of course while changing the name of the profiles I got an error that said an error with Maestro. Got that same error a couple days ago and it reloaded some software and took off. This time after reloading it gives me a window that says "waiting on hardware initialization." And it's been there for 5 minutes or more. How long do I wait before I push the power button?

    Fred, K0FG

  • K0FG_Fred
    K0FG_Fred Member ✭✭

    I poked a couple buttons and finally got a version selection screen, with the hardware error message overlaying it. There the error msg went away and it said I could run the radio. I turned it off and am waiting for it to shut down properly so I can restart it. There's 3-4 minutes for all that to happen.

    Fred, K0FG

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