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Using MS-DMT with Two Slices on 6400

W4JBB Member ✭✭
edited April 2022 in Third-Party Software

I'm a new 6400 owner and I'm trying to get everything up and working on it before I completely swap from my 7300.

I have read through similar posts but I'm not sure I have my head wrapped around how to do what I want to do - I can be very dense sometimes. :)

I have read where folks have been able to use their 6400 with MS-DMT and voice using two slices set to the same frequency - one for voice, one for data. Currently, I have a profile setup for this scenario; however, I cannot seem to be able to get the Slices to swap from Slice A (USB) to Slice B (DIGU) and back to Slice A (USB).

This is what I have:

Slice A: USB and has whatever mic audio processing I'm doing. I have TX DAX audio turned off but I do have the TX indicator lighted on this slice. RX DAX is set to none.My COM port is 5 and my PTT is 6.

Slice B: DIGU and TX DAX audio turned on. RX DAX is set to channel 1 (shows connected to Slice B) and SmartSDR DAX has TX DAX blue (when Slice B set to TX) and RX DAX blue. My COM port is 7 and my PTT is 8. I have MS-DMT set to CAT on port 7 and DATA set to 0.

I am testing into a dummy load.

When I transmit M110, SmartSDR swaps from Slice A to Slice B and sends the data. However, when done transmitting, SmartSDR does not swap back to Slice A - I have to do this manually.

Is this "normal" behavior and is this why I'm reading people are using FRStack or the Flex Control Knob?


Joel - W4JBB


Best Answer

  • Alan
    Alan Member ✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓


    I am not knowledgeable about MS-DMT.

    From your description, the Slice B, CAT connection you have with MS-DMT is switching the TX slice to Slice B, the slice you have set up in Flex CAT.... good.

    Now, when MS-DMT is finished transmitting, you want Flex to change the TX Slice back to "A,"....correct? If so, something needs to tell Flex to change the TX Slice to A. Can MS-DMT do that? And if so, you will need a Flex CAT connection, for Slice A, to transport the command.

    If MS-DMT cannot command a return to Flex Slice A, you need another third-party application to send the command. There are several options......my personal favorite would be a custom Node-Red switching flow.

    Alan. WA9WUD


  • W4JBB
    W4JBB Member ✭✭

    I gotcha... Hence the "Auto Switch TX" in SmartSDR CAT - since there's a signal on COM7 (MS-DMT Tx), SmartSDR knows to switch to Slice B (COM7). MS-DMT would need to send a signal on COM5 (Slice A) for it to go back there for USB. Apparently, that's not happening.

    I've been playing around with MS-DMT but I have not found the combination that makes it go back to Slice A. There may be a way for it to call a macro in the program but that's been hit-or-miss for me and if it takes that, I might as well just click the TX indicator in Slice A. 😉

    Joel - W4JBB

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