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Whats happening with my PC audio ?

Hello Group, this is my first post here in the forum , so please go easy on me ! .
I am not sure if there is a better place for this question within the fourum ....
I have just upgraded my flex 5000A to a 6600M ... I only ask this question here because i belive i have exhausted all other options.. I am using my flex radio (6600m) from my PC .. within my own network , ( network monitor states " excellent " as the quality ) When I use PC audio function , I can hear my receiver slice just fine when I am outputting the audio via my BOSE TV speaker system ( via bluetooth conection the PC ) , Also I can hear the flex via my RODE NT 1 USB mic, by plugging headphones into the mics headphone jack socket (this is a mic that also has a speaker function in windows ) ...- however , when I use either of my "headsets" ( Jabra 9400 or sennheiser DW pro 2 ) I can hear the flex for only about 20 seconds max then the RX audio cuts out, It does exactly the same thing with both the sennheiser and Jabra headsets . The headset base units are connected via USB to the PC . It is clearly an issue related to the Flex radio software passing audio to wireless headsets .. ? But the BOSE TV speaker bar is via Bluetooth from the PC and this works just fine ? Its also Wireless..... so is it an issue with how the headsets identify on windows ? IE ... as a comunications device or a speaker ?

If any one has had this issue before please let me know . Otherwise ..... its a really fine radio .. with the most quiet and sensitive receiver i have ever heard. . side by side against with the Watkins Johnsons 1000 and the JRC 545 is really great and I love it.

Again if my post is in the wrong place then please admin move it to the correct place.-


  • John KB4DU
    John KB4DU Member ✭✭✭✭

    Well, since other Bluetooth devices work properly when connected to the pc/flex combination it probably isn’t flex issue, more likely windows. Confirm that the troublesome devices are the default audio device in windows. Also, check to see if other audio passes to the headset.

  • Hello John , thankyou for your feedback, :) The headset in use is selected as default devices in windows and when I adjust the windows volume level I can hear the chimes through the headset, I also am able to hear you tube audio through the headset that is selected. What is strange for me is that it does work as soon as the headset is selected , then stops after around 10-15 seconds and doesnt come back. If I then swap to another device ( a non - headset device ) the radio audio is present again.
    Many thanks
  • John KB4DU
    John KB4DU Member ✭✭✭✭

    well, maybe a help desk ticket?

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