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Tuner Genius XL v1.1.8 Firmware and Utility are Now Available

Tim - W4TME
Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
edited February 2022 in Tuner Genius XL

FlexRadio announces the immediate availability of the Tuner Genius XL Firmware v1.1.8 and FlexRadio Tuner Genius Utility. Tuner Genius XL v1.1.8 is a general release intended for use with all Tuner Genius XL ATUs, that includes performance enhancements and bug fixes. We highly recommend upgrading to the Tuner Genius XL Firmware v1.1.8 as soon as possible.

NOTE: The Tuner Genius XL firmware is now fully integrated into the FlexRadio Tuner Genius Utility, eliminating the need for a separate firmware download. Please review the Tuner Genius XL v1.1.8 Release Notes before installing the new FlexRadio Tuner Genius Utility and firmware to ensure an optimal software installation experience.

Do not use previous versions of the FlexRadio Tuner Genius Utility with the latest version of the Tuner Genius XL firmware. Always use the Tuner Genius Utility provided with the Tuner Genius XL firmware upgrade.

The Tuner Genius XL v1.1.8 Utility/Firmware can be downloaded from the FlexRadio Systems website.  https://www.flexradio.com/software/tuner-genius-xl-v1-1-8/

The following are highlights for the Tuner Genius XL v1.1.8 Release:

Zero-Configuration Networking implemented: Link-local IP addresses are auto-assigned when a DHCP service is not available on the network and the unit is configured to use DHCP.

Antenna Genius Integration: status update and communication bugs have been addressed.  

Auto Protection Feature to Prevent Tuning at High RF Levels: The TGXL will no longer allow manual tuning (using the utility) at forward RF power levels exceeding 200W.

PTT Output Configuration Control: PTT OUT while AUTOTUNING is now configurable (via the utility) to control if PTT OUT is asserted when AUTOTUNING. This will help integrate 3rd party amplifiers.

CAT Improvements: CAT/CI-V communication improvements – parsing errors have been corrected.

Interlock State Improvements: The TCP network connection to a FLEX-6000 is now disconnected before TGXL goes to bootloader for firmware upgrade. This should disable any interlock created by the TGXL that might stay enabled in the background.

Interlock State Improvements: The FLEX-6000 interlock is now delayed for 30ms (previously 20ms) to allow additional relay settling between channels (SO2R alternating)

Autotuning Power Recovery Change: When low power is detected, the time is between each incremental change is extended (tuning slows down to allow the power recovery) and TGXL will continue autotuning. If 10 consecutive low power solutions are observed, TGXL autotune will stop.

Autotuning Upper SWR Limit Change: If native SWR is higher than 10:1, TGXL will now allow autotuning of such antenna but will limit output power to 1000W.

Autotuning Status Change: The autotuning result will be displayed on the screen with the value of the best match found.

Bug Fix: Autotune now switches to the correct channel (A/B) that has the FLEX-6000 TX-enabled slice.

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