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INTERFACE mldx and macssdr

K3SF Member ✭✭✭

I am using a 2021 macbook air M1 (mba) with monterey 1tb ssd and 16gb ram..nice little machine

it easily runs macssdr

radio is flex 6600m.

what i need to accomplish is to have mldx see macssdr

so i am using multiflex with macssdr so the 6600m is split between

main screen on 6600m and macssdr.

mldx always defaults to the main and no way i am i able to make mldx select macssdr

even when running mldx on same machine as macssdr

as side

...i am able to run four slices in mba


with xdax/xcat i can run four instance of wsjtx-FT8 and jtbridge


all ft8 contacts get properly logged to mldx


Paul K3SF


  • K3SF
    K3SF Member ✭✭✭

    well aftersome experimentation, i finally figured out how to force mldx to see macssdr on my mbair M1

    step one...force macssdr to use all slices (aka 6600m resources ) and disocnnect the front panel a ssdr gui. this makes mldx only see macssdr as valid gui for the 6600m (see mba8 pic)

    now able to selectmabook air gui of macssdr

    before that macbookair was not an option to be selected inside mldx at all

    there was a hint in mldx manual that mldx looks for a valid ssdr gui to connect to

    so once i forced only and only one gui to be macssdr, then mldx added it to its list

    hope this help other who want mldx connected to macssdr for logging and for using mldx cluster/spots panels

    Paul K3SF