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Running a Mixed PC/Mac environment

AA1UI Member ✭✭
edited February 2022 in SmartSDR for Mac

I've been running Flexradios for years, but I've really let the state of the art pass me by and am attempting to catch back up. I'm currently running my 6400 on a homebrew i5 PC rig. Plenty of RAM, Nvidia GPU, the works. It works perfectly! I use Ham Radio Deluxe for my logging (doing it for many, many years and just got stuck on it) I use DM780 for digi modes except when am using WJST-X.

For work, I have a powerful Intel-based MacBook Pro since it can run anything I want on it. My question is, has anyone successfully setup a mixed environment where logging can be done by both PC and Mac into the same database? Like I said, many, many years of my log is in HRD. However, I don't "have" to stay with it forever, just lazy. I'm trying to figure a way to use the Mac OS SDR sw but not have out of sync log databases?

I welcome any and all thoughts.

73 de AA1UI



  • Hi AA1UI - I've run this environment for years, currently on a 2018 Mac Mini with Windows 10 under Parallels. I use N1MM for contests with SmartSDR windows +WSJTX.

    On the Mac side I run RumLogNG, but am experimenting with MacloggerDX - both excellent software. Setting up SmartCAT under Parallels was fussy for me, but got it working and all runs very well.

    I also use SmartSDR for macOS + RumlogNG + WSJTX for day to day operation. Now that N1MM offers TCP rig control, I'll likely move to using SmartSDR for macOS only. Either way, all logging goes to one database as you suggest - RumLogNG The best of all worlds. Both RumLogNG and Maclogger offer basic contesting logging. If you're not into contests, you might find these adequate for casual use and not need to go into Windows at all, thus avoiding the extra cost for a Windows license, Parallels etc. Both are very competent loggers. I'd like to get to Mac only, but too familiar/comfortable with N1MM.

    I'm not familar with HRD, but when I made switch to RumLogNG, I was exporting from DX4WIN. Some massaging of the ADIFs was needed to get country totals etc. to line up, but this would be natural with any logging program.

    Happy to discuss further as you explore this.

    73 de David KT5V
  • AA1UI
    AA1UI Member ✭✭

    Thanks David,

    Currently, I just use Teamviewer on the Mac to completely control the "shack" PC which is running SmartSDR. I was contemplating getting SmartSDR for MacOS, but as I said, it might be more trouble than it's worth from a logging standpoint. I don't want to invest in Parallels again just for this one need. Too much storage space and monolithic code if I'm otherwise not using Windows on my Mac anymore. It's the principle of the thing. I shall look into RumLogNG and Maclogger to see if they can offer me what I seek somehow.

    Thanks again!

  • Mark_WS7M
    Mark_WS7M Member ✭✭✭

    So I am a medical device developer for a company that develops devices with Windows based control software. Personally, I love the Mac and have had macs for many years.

    Getting back into radio in 2015 I fell in love with Flex Radio as it was a perfect platform for a developer like myself. I can control the radio easily with small programs I write.

    I like somewhat remote operation. IE I don't want a desk with radios piled high and noisy amps. So I have my Flex, PGXL, TGXL and AG all mounted out in an HVAC shed. I spent a lot of time and research to create power on/off and disconnect solutions so this station could be remote. I can from the golf course and my phone tell my system to power down and disconnect the antennas. Granted it will never survive a direct strike but it will survive static discharges and some near strikes. I used this all last summer to put the system off line when weather seemed close.

    I purchase an i9 MacBook pro in 2020 thinking this was going to be the machine and It was to a certain extent. I could run VMWare Fusion and windows to do my work if needed and I had all the fun of the mac environment. But I must say my intel based MacBook Pro was problematic. It would not "sleep" well and often rebooted at strange times. I also found that running Windows on VMWare fusion and parallels was a CPU killer and would drain the battery very fast.

    So recently I decided to try the M1Max MacBook pro on the idea that I would return it if it just didn't fit my work. When it came I was simply blown away. The WiFi works better, the Mac battery life is amazing. I mean I can go several days running SmartSDR mac without needing to plug into the charger. I used to buy a second and third charger. One for the back pack, one for the desk etc. Now I just have the one and I rarely take it anywhere because the battery life is so good.

    So SmartSDR mac is simply superior to the Flex Windows version in my humble opinion. Couple this with PGXL, TGXL and you have a station that can be run easily from a MacBook pro.

    I am going to be providing some Mac utilities for PGXL and TGLX etc in time. For now I just have the PGXL. But they really are not needed. Once everything is setup you really don't need control programs for these devices. Most stuff is automatic.

    The only thing really missing is N1MM if you are contester but you can use other options. I personally use MacLoggerDx because it can accept log requests via UDP. I have a small piece of software I wrote that will send over a UDP log request.

    When I have Mac utilities for the various PG, TG products there will be virtually no reason to run windows at all. In fact I can run all of 4o3a utilities for the PG, TG etc on Parallels under Windows Arm. They run just fine.

    So while I might need a Windows PC around for some things, on a day-to-day basic I just don't need it. I'm totally happy and productive under the Mac environment and find the Mac SmartSDR to be outstanding.

    Mark - WS7M