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Cannot get my 6600 to output to my ACOM 1000

Evening all. I feel really embarrassed asking this, since the whole thing does not make much sense and I must be missing something so obvious I must be really thick! Anyway.

I have a flex 6600 and SDR software. All works well - made loads of contacts using this system on FT8 and SSB - up to 100 W as in built. All good so far.

I also have a Icom 7300 which I love too - this was my first ham radio of recent times and came before the Flex. All works well too.

Both radios can use various antenna including a 1/4 wave vertical, EFHW etc etc .

Now - also have a ACOM 1000 linear amp. As you may know - it is quite simple, manual tune etc. So it is not "talking" to either radio in any fashion. You put RF in (typically say up to 40W) and you get higher RF out - up to 1000W (ish) where legal.

So - with the 7300 I connect up the ACOM amp and all works as expected in any mode.

Using all the same leads swapped over, I also connect up the Flex 6600. With the ACOM switched out (so no amplification ) I can see the Flex produce up to about 100W as would be expected (this showing both on the SDR screen, and also on the ACOM amp screen. So far so good :)

Now switch in the ACOM RF amp. Nothing. Still showing about 100 W on SSB, RTTY etc etc. Even if I up the SDR setting to 100W for the Flex. Just 100 W showing on the ACOM.

Switch over live to the 7300 using all the same leads - **** - ^$%£ watts! Unplug and go back to the 6600 and nothing more than 100W.

I have checked all the setting to make sure the modes etc are all the same - they are?!

Furthermore, I CAN get out on the 6600 using the radio on its own and various antenna. Lots of contacts so I believe the radio is getting out on its standard power for sure.

So I am at a loss at the moment. If there were various settings and software links I could understand there might be a config issue. But I am talking of putting simple RF output into a simple Linear Amp input and it not working.

What am I missing - please save my brain!




  • Ted  VE3TRQ
    Ted VE3TRQ Member ✭✭✭

    Have you visited the Tx Band Settings on SSDR settings, and set the Tx power on the bands you use, and the Tx Out you have hooked to the Acom?

  • 2E0MSR
    2E0MSR Member ✭✭
    Thanks - yes. Since my post I have now inserted an SWR/ power meter between coax and the amp for both radios. Both are showing about the same which is doing my head in even more now!
  • Larry _ NY8T
    Larry _ NY8T Member ✭✭✭
    edited January 2022

    You have to select the correct RCA TX port you have connected from radio to amp for each band you will use the amp on.

    In Smart SDR click on settings on top left

    Click on TX Band Settings

    I would start without the ALC line connected and low drive power setting to start and see how that works.

  • 2E0MSR
    2E0MSR Member ✭✭
    Right - hold fire.... This is new... thanks, stand by
  • 2E0MSR
    2E0MSR Member ✭✭
    Nope - not it. So strange. I can "shout" at the amp with the 7300 and get a full response. I can shout at the amp with the 6600, see SDR RF power go to full deflection, see the external power meter connected between the amp 6600 and amp go to full deflection, but little evidence on amp itself... so very odd !
  • 2E0MSR
    2E0MSR Member ✭✭
    Told you I was THICK! PTT cable from the amp to the radio. Was in the 7300 and I never changed it over to the 6600. Sorry for wasting your time, but still thanks for helping. Good grief, what an evening. I shall now drink ****.
  • Netas Ameba
    Netas Ameba Member ✭✭

    More or less we all make mistakes!



    Netas Ameba

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