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No sidetone on "Run" - S&P okay SO2R N1MM 6600

I'm a new 6600 owner. I think I have N1mm working good.
I have no sidetone in Run,
but sidetone okay in S+P.
I searched through archives and saw a few old discussions.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a work around available?
I think I saw something about Winkeyer in an old post. I do have
a K1EL USB winkeyer.

Also, I have slice A in left ear and slice B in right. It always mutes
the other slice during xmit and I usually manually unmute it.
Can I listen to slice B while xmitting on Slice A?

Sorry for the noob questions.
Jim K6JS

Best Answer

  • Mike_N1EN
    Mike_N1EN Member ✭✭
    edited November 2021 Answer ✓
    N1MM is set up by default to follow the standard SO2R practice of muting the TX signal when running so you can focus your hearing on "the other radio" (or "the other slice" with a Flex).

    The ` key (back-accent, to the left of the 1 key on US standard QWERTY keyboards) is used to toggle the stereo setting. When stereo is on, you should hear the "left" slice in your left ear, and the "right" slice in your right ear, regardless of whether you're transmitting or receiving.