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SmartSDR focus helper and N1MM+ problem

I'm running N1MM+ (latest version) in SO2R with 2 keyboards and the latest version of SmartSDR v3. In SmartSDR, I enabled the focus helper for N1MM, UDP port 12061. In N1MM+, I configured and enabled broadcast ports for radio (UDP port 12060) and spots (UDP port 12061). In SmartCAT, I added a UDP port for N1MMspots (UDP port 12061).

When I double click somewhere on a SmartSDR panadapter or click on a spot in a panadapter, focus is returned to N1MM+ (in the sense that I can type a call sign in one of the N1MM+ entry windows), BUT focus is not returned in a consistent or correct way. Seemingly randomly, RX and TX focus in N1MM+ (the green and red dots) will either remain as they were (which I think is the correct behaviour), TX focus will remain where it was but RX focus will change to the other radio, or both TX and RX focus will switch to the wrong radio (e.g., clicking on a spot for radio A, N1MM+ switching TX and RX focus to radio B). I can keep clicking on different spots on a panadapter to replicate all of the aforementioned outcomes without actually trying to click the mouse on an N1MM+ window.

I'm wondering if there is some bug in N1MM+?

73, Les VE3NNT


  • Ted S
    Ted S Member ✭✭

    You did not mention if you set up an OTRSP port, that port was critical to getting the the slices to switch properly when swapping between the two log entry windows in N1MM+. I assume you set that up or I don't think you would of gotten as far as you have.

    I have seen this happen as well, it is intermittent but I can quickly sync them back up when it happens. As noted N1MM+ seem to get out of sync with SSDR. To get back in sync I click back on the N1MM entry window I want to have focus and tap the pause button until that window has both TX and RX focus, then click on the spot in SSDR. That seems to get everything back in sync for me.

    I will play around with this some more and see if I can figure out how SSDR and N1MM+ get out of sync.


    Ted WR4T

  • Les Brown
    Les Brown Member ✭✭

    Hi Ted,

    Yes, I forgot to mention that of course I have set up OTRSP.

    It looks like this is an N1MM+ bug. I'm not sure if the N1MM+ team monitor this list too regularly, so I think I'll raise the issue with them.

    Let me know how your further investigations go.

    73, Les VE3NNT

  • Ted S
    Ted S Member ✭✭


    Playing around for a while, I had once instance when N1MM+ and SSDR went out of sync and the focus reverted to the wrong slice, rx focus switched to the wrong slice tx focus did not. I re-synced the focus and I could not get it to act up again. If it happens, it seems to happen right after starting N1MM+.

    I do have trouble from time time with SSDR not responding to N1MM+, such as I hit F4 in N1MM and SSDR won't send my call. But N1MM+ will still respond to SSDR changes. Using the VSP port monitoring tool in DAX I don't see any CAT or WinKeyer commands coming from N1MM+. I usually quit and restart N1MM+ when that happens and everything operates correctly. Occasionally, I have to quit N1MM+, then SSDR, in that order, then restart SSDR followed by N1MM+ to clear the issues, I keep DAX running in the background though. For the most part these issue only happen at start up of N1MM+ and once working things are stable. It seems that N1MM+ does not open the com ports correctly 100% of the time.

    73, Ted WR4T

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