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LoTW, QRZ, HamQTH SmartSDR for Mac

I am new to using the Flexradio and SmartSDR for Mac. I have my QRZ and HamQTH username and passwords setup under the Preferences. I can Test both and they report everything is fine.

In the Logger tool, on the LoTW tab it shows 73 unseats QSLs. I can go to preferences and load my P12 file and I get Wrong Certificate file or password. Ugg

Under the QRZ tab, I already loaded my Website API key in preferences, when I see qsls it processed them says total QSO: 73, Failed: 73.

I can log into both LoTW and QRZ webpages just fine. Ami Missing something here??

73, Rufus KG4ASZ


  • Rufus
    Rufus Member ✭✭
    Resolved my LoTW issue
  • KP4IP
    KP4IP Member ✭✭
    I'm uploading to LoTW, eQSL and ClubLog without issues. If you want to upload to QRZ using the SmartSDR Logbook QSL option you need to paid at least the XML subscription. :-( you can always export the ADIF file and upload manually or retrieve the data from LoWT direct to the QRZ logbook.

    From the QRZ website;

    XML Logbook Data - Direct access to our widely acclaimed XML Data Port by popular logging programs like Ham Radio Deluxe, Amateur Contact Log, Win-EQF,LOGic7, and ProLog2K, just to name a few.


    73' KP4IP
  • philztoy
    philztoy Member
    > @Rufus said:
    > Resolved my LoTW issue

    just wondering how you resolved it. I am having the exact same issue. Please help!
  • n4baf
    n4baf Member
    Hi Robert

    How did you resolve your LOTW problem?

    Brian N4BAF
  • EmMSW
    EmMSW Member ✭✭
    I'd like to add my plea that someone explain how to resolve the LOTW "Wrong Certificate file or password" error when trying to load my p12 file. I've tried every password I can think of, but none work. When I saved the p12 file I did not set a password, so it can't be that one it's looking for. My Mac password doesn't work, my ARRL password doesn't work, the certificate was successfully loaded and saved... I'm at a loss what to do to load the p12 file into SmartSDR for Mac.
  • EmMSW
    EmMSW Member ✭✭
    OK, I figured it out. I went back and re-uploaded my certificate and then saved it WITH a PassPhrase. I then went back into SmartSDR and loaded the p12 file using the new passphrase as the password. That worked. I just sent my QSLs to LOTW and received the message "QSOs Queued for Processing on LOTW". I'll assume that everything is now working. Phew! This entire process is a lot more complicated than seems necessary, what with postcards and additional software...but what do I know?