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LoTW, QRZ, HamQTH SmartSDR for Mac

I am new to using the Flexradio and SmartSDR for Mac. I have my QRZ and HamQTH username and passwords setup under the Preferences. I can Test both and they report everything is fine.

In the Logger tool, on the LoTW tab it shows 73 unseats QSLs. I can go to preferences and load my P12 file and I get Wrong Certificate file or password. Ugg

Under the QRZ tab, I already loaded my Website API key in preferences, when I see qsls it processed them says total QSO: 73, Failed: 73.

I can log into both LoTW and QRZ webpages just fine. Ami Missing something here??

73, Rufus KG4ASZ


  • Rufus
    Rufus Member ✭✭
    Resolved my LoTW issue
  • KP4IP
    KP4IP Member ✭✭
    I'm uploading to LoTW, eQSL and ClubLog without issues. If you want to upload to QRZ using the SmartSDR Logbook QSL option you need to paid at least the XML subscription. :-( you can always export the ADIF file and upload manually or retrieve the data from LoWT direct to the QRZ logbook.

    From the QRZ website;

    XML Logbook Data - Direct access to our widely acclaimed XML Data Port by popular logging programs like Ham Radio Deluxe, Amateur Contact Log, Win-EQF,LOGic7, and ProLog2K, just to name a few.


    73' KP4IP
  • philztoy
    philztoy Member
    > @Rufus said:
    > Resolved my LoTW issue

    just wondering how you resolved it. I am having the exact same issue. Please help!
  • n4baf
    n4baf Member
    Hi Robert

    How did you resolve your LOTW problem?

    Brian N4BAF
  • EmMSW
    EmMSW Member ✭✭
    I'd like to add my plea that someone explain how to resolve the LOTW "Wrong Certificate file or password" error when trying to load my p12 file. I've tried every password I can think of, but none work. When I saved the p12 file I did not set a password, so it can't be that one it's looking for. My Mac password doesn't work, my ARRL password doesn't work, the certificate was successfully loaded and saved... I'm at a loss what to do to load the p12 file into SmartSDR for Mac.
  • EmMSW
    EmMSW Member ✭✭
    OK, I figured it out. I went back and re-uploaded my certificate and then saved it WITH a PassPhrase. I then went back into SmartSDR and loaded the p12 file using the new passphrase as the password. That worked. I just sent my QSLs to LOTW and received the message "QSOs Queued for Processing on LOTW". I'll assume that everything is now working. Phew! This entire process is a lot more complicated than seems necessary, what with postcards and additional software...but what do I know?
  • snacey0103
    snacey0103 Member ✭✭

    Hi, I have the "Failed" issue for QRZ.com log entries too. As seen in the following dialog box capture.

    When I log onto QRZ.com and look for issues, there are none noted.

    In SmartSDR there is no way to identify the suspect log entries....

    Any ideas? Thanks!

  • KP4IP
    KP4IP Member ✭✭

    Is the QRZ logbook API key setup in SmartSDR?

  • snacey0103
    snacey0103 Member ✭✭
    edited March 19

    Yes, the logbook API key is set - and the majority of my log entries are accepted/downloaded into QRZ's log.

    In playing with QRZ download and my log, I created a .csv file that I can manipulate in Excel. I found that logging inconsistencies and errors are the issue. The problem with the logging in SmartSDR (I'm using the Mac version) is that it does not help to locate the offending log entries when downloaded to QRZ. It only reports that entries are "failed" and gives the count of them.

    I found an ADIF file checker but it claims that there are 346 problems so that is not helpful in identifying what QRZ's log is complaining about... hmm.

    In fixing issues, I was able to get the "failed" count from 125 (see above screenshot) to 111. But now the problem is how to find the remaining 111 issues as I have gone through all the obvious ones :) .

  • snacey0103
    snacey0103 Member ✭✭

    One more thought... Why is it that the SmartSDR logging doesn't have some data checking for it's ADIF file generation to ensure that the data used is modestly correct and complete? I wonder if this wouldn't be a good addition....

  • snacey0103
    snacey0103 Member ✭✭

    Well. Okay. I emailed Marcus DL8MRE about this problem. Marcus showed me how to find the 111 unsent QRZ.com entries using the Mac SmartSDR filter that I did not know existed - this was good. I was able to correct 16 problem entries in entries in the set of 111 that would not download to QRZ.com, but the rest of the 95 log entries which all dated to 2003 did not have anything apparently wrong. Finally I did a "Mass Change" to all of the errant log entries adding a comment that these entries simply wouldn't upload to QRZ and setting them all to "sent" in order to get them off the list of unsent in the upload list.

    Problem solved I guess. Sigh.