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how do I set up cwget

w4ccq Member
edited August 2021 in Third-Party Software
how do I setup cwget cw decoder with flex6400 input channel # output channel # etc


  • wb7ond
    wb7ond Member ✭✭

    I am using cwget with a Flex 6600. My cwget is reg copy.

    On the Flex screen, I have in the slice flag DAX #1 picked. In the SmartSDR DAX display, I see under Rx Streams 'Slice A' the 1 button is blue... I see the levels (red) fluctuating and my slider is about half way. Now Windows audio object "DAX Audio RX1" is active and can be selected in cwget.. Have to make sure this is good to go first...

    In the cwget setup menu, under the interface tab under Input soundcard number I picked the 'Dax Audio Rx1'. I have only one Flex slice is enabled on the radio. On cwget, I have Mono under the channel, sample rate at default 11025.00 and the output, if I want to use the built in filters, have the computer speaker selected also mono. I don't use the cwget rig control function, nor the multi-decoder.

    On the cwget main screen I have Auto GTM and AFC buttons set ( I think they work together for auto tune). I see the blue noise spectrum in the upper display, its width will depend on the width of the Flex tuned signal (400 hz).. I have 50 and 300 set for the AFC, at this time I have 50 and 150 lpm set.. The cwget automatically sets that red vertical "tune" line to the peak signal in the spectral display. If you don't have AUTO GTM set you have to click the peak of the blue spectral signal. AFC makes the red line seek the signal.

    You can magnify the tune scale with the Zoom menu, the ALT+Mouse drag moves the display left and right..

    In the drop-down for filters I have 140hz and 200 lpm. I don't have the sound output turned on as the Flex does a great job at cw filtering as needed.

    My cwget decodes keyer sending really well, some manual fists it has trouble.

    The help section for cwget is very good and helped me get setup...

    If you have any specific questions, hit me again...



  • w4ccq
    w4ccq Member
    I have a question regarding to selecting windows audio object. I see in windows under the speaker on the taskbar that I have several flex objects reserved IQ but I can not select any each including Audio RX 1 show reserved and only my speakers and flex Audio tx can be seclected the others are reserved. Is this what you have showing here. I can select it however in cwget setup. I do not see any wave pattern in cwget
  • wb7ond
    wb7ond Member ✭✭

    For cwget audio source, the only Flex source useful is one of the "DAX Audio Rx 1" objects. That is for slice 1, I have to make sure I can see activity in the SmartSDR DAX "window" under Slice A and the "1" button is blue. If I don't see the red level bar moving around (after of course the signal is tuned on the radio) then there will be no audio fed to cwget.

    When I pull down the cwget Setup menu, and click the Interface tab and then dropdown on 'Input soundcard number' I see "DAX Audio RX 1, 2, 3" amongst others... When I select (DAX Audio Rx 1), and click Ok and the window dismisses, I see the activity on cwget. I have to also click Save before the OK to save the settings.

    Fortunately I am not offered "DAX Audio TX" as it would not be useful as it is an audio sink... The sound card mic is offered as a source, if I wanted to feed audio from a radio speaker into the computer sound card. Sometimes it seems confusing what is an output/input. But from the cwget point of view the windows "Recording" devices are "inputs" to the program...

    I think I am at the limit of my windows sound card understanding...



  • Chris WX7V
    Chris WX7V Member ✭✭
    edited January 2022

    I'm late to the thread - but am able get CwGet to decode received code using the settings @wb7ond recommended earlier.

    My question is - how do I use CwGET to decode what I'm sending from my paddles? I've tried several settings on the radio (breakin off, on, RF power 0 and 50w) and several interface sound card settings on CwGet.

    Theoretically if I turn PC Audio ON in the Smart SDR app this will cause the keyer in the radio to send audio to the PC, which CwGet should be able to decode like any other signal from the radio?

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