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When running Multiple instances of SmartSDR, any way to fix the STATION: name?

Ray G6UJB Member ✭✭
edited July 2021 in SmartSDR for Windows


I think I already know the answer but I'm just throwing this out there for thoughts.

I'm running 2 copies of SmartSDR on one machine running Windows 10/11 to allow me to control 2 Flexradios while using aroland's nCAT and nDAX, this works fine except for the small issue of SmartSDR always using the last STATION name that was set for SmartSDR, which results in both copies being labelled with the same STATION name when they are launched and then I always have to manually change the STATION name of one of the copies.

Is there anyway of forcing different STATION names for multiple copies of SmartSDR when they start please, I haven't discover a way yet ?


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  • Ray G6UJB
    Ray G6UJB Member ✭✭
    Answer ✓

    Ok, so I have found a solution that involves using copies of %APPDATA%\FlexRadio Systems\SSDR.settings.

    If anyone is interested then I will explain.



  • Chris DL5NAM
    Chris DL5NAM Member ✭✭✭

    yes please , i want see it - maybe also FRS can learn :-)

    73 Chris

  • Ray G6UJB
    Ray G6UJB Member ✭✭

    Hi @Chris DL5NAM

    I simply start SmartSDR and connect to the first FlexRadio, set the STATION name using the SmartSDR app, close the app and then make a backup of the SSDR.settings file.

    I then restart SmartSDR, connect to the second FlexRadio, change the STATION name to something different, close the app and take another backup of the SSDR.settings file.

    I then just copy back the version of the file that has the STATION name I want before I launch SmartSDR, so if you want to launch two instances of SmartSDR you have to remember change the file just before each launch.

    I just use a couple of batch files to copy the version of the SSDR.settings file I want and launch the SmartSDR.

    SSDR.settings is in a folder that is normally hidden by windows - c:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Roaming, also accessible by using the path "%APPDATA%\FlexRadio Systems\SSDR.settings"

    Please be aware that Windows SmartSDR cannot run multiple copies of CAT or DAX, to do this you would need to use Linux and @arodland tools at kc2g-flex-tools (github.com) . Or run multiple machines that can cope with DAX latency sensitivity.

    73 Ray

  • Randy KN4YBA
    Randy KN4YBA Member ✭✭
    Good information! I was just trying to figure this out yesterday when I noticed the same issue between my computers. I gave up at that time and figured I will figure it out at some point.
  • Ray G6UJB
    Ray G6UJB Member ✭✭

    I have an alternative method that does not need the settings file to be copied and keeps the configuration of the multiple copies of SmartSDR completely separate and unique at all times.

    I have tried this in Windows 10 and 11 Pro, but not sure about Home or other versions.

    This method employs two local Windows user accounts to isolate the SSDR.settings file and the command "runas.exe" to switch users then an instance of SmartSDR is launched.

    Rough Guide to those who may be curious...

    Create 2 local users, make sure you do not create Microsoft accounts for these, Windows will try to encourage you to do this twice! - To do this launch the "Add, edit or remove other users" tool,

    hint... enter "add" into the task-bar search.

    Windows 10, just click "Add someone else to this PC", Windows 11, click "Family & others" and then "Add Account" in the Other users section.

    For my example I created these:

    myuser_1 and myuser_2

    Create these accounts with good passwords, but do make a note unless you have a photographic memory, since you won't be using the passwords very regularly.

    Now you just need to Create a couple of new Shortcuts on the desktop or in a folder as you prefer.

    In each Shortcut, where it prompts you to "Type the location of the item:", enter something similar to below, but be sure to change the username after "/user:" to match those you created above, i.e. One shrtcut should have myuser_1 and the other myuser_2. Also set your SmartSSDR.exe path, where I have %PROGRAMFILES%\FlexRadio Systems\SmartSDR v2.7.6\SmartSDR.exe, to match where your copy is located and its version on the system.

    C:\Windows\System32\runas.exe /user:myuser_1 /savecred "%PROGRAMFILES%\FlexRadio Systems\SmartSDR v2.7.6\SmartSDR.exe"

    And when prompted, add a useful name for the Shortcut where it prompts "Type a name for this shortcut"

    e.g. "SmartSDR MyUser_1"

    Once both shortcuts have been completed...

    Launch the first Shortcut, at the password prompt in the command window enter the matching password for the user and press enter.

    In SmartSDR that should get launched, setup this instance the way you want, i.e. change the STATION name etc...

    Now do the same with the second Shortcut, i.e. Launch, enter password, configure SmartSDR etc...

    The next time you launch from the Shortcuts you shouldn't be prompted for the passwords, they should just launch the application.

    Hope this makes sense?

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