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windows updates and VSP's again

I took the chance and let WIndows 10 do the recent patch and update and my VSP's and CAT are all hosed again. CAT assignments are all gone and can't be reassigned as they were. Naturally this happens when I don't have the time to puzzle through this whole mess again. I spent a few minutes looking for the files thinking I could easily rebuild but no joy. Any shortcuts anyone has come up with? I know I've got notes somewhere but this is summer in Maine and who has hours to research? Discouraging.... I still don't know why Windows updates can delete my CAT settings at will.. makes no sense to me. I can see them messing with VSP's even though I don't like it but save my CAT assignments so I don't have to rebuild that... Off to a family gathering, leaving a wounded station to return to later..


  • Erika - KØDD
    Erika - KØDD Member ✭✭✭

    What is your O/S version and what was updated? you can see that under Update History. Not to be bragging as anything can happen at any moment I have not had a CAT and DAX destroyed in over a year. Some things that I do, 1. Put the computer to sleep at night, I only shut everything down if there's going to be risk of T-Storms. 2. I've gotten to check updates and then reboot the machine first thing in the AM before bringing up SSDR. That way if there is some sort of weirdness I may get to see what is going on.

    I am on the Windows Insider Track I used to be BETA, but switched to prerelease. My machine does NOT support the Windows 11 requirements so this thing will be staying Win 10 Pro x64. Once I went to the insider program, I feel Microsoft paid some attention to MY system crashes. I had problems up until the end of JUNE with Green Screens of death (not blue under my insider track) three reboots, and then another 4th restart always brought up the machine. Made for a frustrating wake up. But a funny thing, due to WIN 11 I went back into bios, and turned on all my secure boot and TPM, of which mine is v1.2 back on. and that Green screen cleared up instantly.

    I am running the latest updates on OS version 21H1... and Version 3.2.39 with the latest cat and dax versions.

    I have set all my ports to start at Com 10. The last time I realigned them was the programming software from the anytone handheld couldn't use any of the com ports I did have open. As an SSDR radio and modern shack N1MM+ for contest software, FT8 any other RTTY stuff, and my HRD stuff require "ports.... all kinds of ports". I only use one band at a time so no extra slice receivers.

    I have Cat TCP Port 5002 still, Port 5003, and then Cats COM10, COM11, PTT COM14, PTT COM15, and Winkeyer COM16 I do not know off hand why I have no COM 12-13 configured, but I'm sure there is a reason. Most likely I cleaned out a couple of no longer needed com ports. Most non-ham software still can't use higher numbered ports.

    Using the recommended documented com port clean up software and procedure get yourself back to basics with connected com ports and only what you need. and SERIOUSLY go to com 10 and above. If a set of ports collide you've got an issue. Then right them down and tuck the sheet away in a radio folder... Also when doing win updates do not have SSDR and Cat and DAX loaded. the radio can be on ready to bring up though.

    Good luck on the clean up, the latest stuff works without explosions and hope you can get it squared away. All of the procedures I use in succession have been the secret to my success. Erika DD Standing by...

  • Hi Erika. Thanks for the suggestions. I didn’t note the build number on the update, but it is the most current. I did get a bit of time today to patch things together and get functioning again. Maybe tomorrow I can go through and get organized and document everything. It seems I remember there’s some files you can pick out and save for these things. Maybe I will do that too.. Oh, I’m running .39 here. Times like this I start thinking I’m getting closer to going back toa knob radio after 11 years of head scratching and fun.

    thanks again. Mike

  • there must be something I am doing wrong here... Windows 10 update again and all my cat settings are gone again and the new ones that were assigned in my last fracas ( 10 and above this time) are of course not available to reassign.... This can't be the way it's supposed to work! :-) I don't have the time today to spend on this fiasco again. I thought one of the recent SSDR updates was going to eliminate this constant Windows update BS?

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