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Running WSJT-X with SmartSDR for Mac

Ken Wells
Ken Wells Community Manager admin

Have any of you had success running multiple instances/Slices of WSJT-X with SmartSDR for Mac? (Not the internal FT8/FT4 application, but the full-blown WSJT-X program)

If so....

1) How did you install and setup the "DAX" within the Mac? There are some special needs for 3rd party audio drivers to do this. What did you use, and how did you install/configure them?

2) How did you install/configure the "CAT" interface on the Mac?

3) How are you managing multiple Slices/Instances of WSJT-X on the Mac?


  • aa9js
    aa9js Member ✭✭
    I am in the process of setting this up now. You need an external app to use the DAX audio on the Mac. I used Blackhole driver from Existential audio which is free and was easy to get using. Then selected those sources in WJST-X. For CAT control I just used the CAT Panel in Smart SDR and set it on Slice A with a port address of 5001. WJST-X works perfectly now.

    Hope it helps.

    Gary AA9JS
  • Ken Wells
    Ken Wells Community Manager admin

    Can you please post your settings (Screen captures of the config screens would be great!) for both WSJT-X for Mac and BlackHole, etc.

  • Ted  VE3TRQ
    Ted VE3TRQ Member ✭✭✭

    I run a combination of SSDR for Mac, SSDR Win10 under Parallels, and the 6600M front panel. I often have multiple digital apps up, some running from CAT/DAX on Win/Parallels, some running through xCat/xDax on Mac to the 6600M directly, some to the copy of SSDR for Mac running on the Mac. Usually I will be using any two of those simultaneously, running FlDigi, JS8Call, and WSJT-X all at the same time. And every now and again I’ll also use SSB.

    It gets interesting running everything together, but it keeps my mind expanded :-)

  • Terry, W0VB
    Terry, W0VB Member ✭✭

    Long time user of SSDR for Windows

    Just starting Starting to get the external version of WSJT-X 2.6.0-RC1 working. (The internal FT 8 version works fine)but I run MSK144 and Q65 most often on 6 and 2 meters.

    I downloaded WSJT-X V2.6.0-RC1 AND after starting Smartsdr-mac I get these two errors:

    • Shared Memory Error, unable to create segment
    • Fatal Error, Shared Memory Error

    What am I overlooking?

    ......... or do I actually need xCAT, xDAX, Loopback(?), or Blackhole?

    Terry, W0VB Wyoming

  • Alan
    Alan Member ✭✭✭✭


    First is the memory error. The Mac WSJT download has a readme file . The read me will tell you the commands you must run....which will address the memory problem.

    Next, yes, you need a CAT and DAX program. You can use Smart SDR Mac's DAX and CAT ( look in the Radio Pulldown), or.... you can use xCAT and xDAX (more DAX channels).

    And last, audio. Yes, you will need a virtual audio application. I like Loopback, but I understand that Blackhole does the job also.

    Alan. WA9WUD

  • Terry, W0VB
    Terry, W0VB Member ✭✭

    Thanks Alan, I "read" that file after sending my question out.

    I've installed WSJT-X hundreds of times on Windows and wasn't expecting a readme file that actually meant something.

    • now after following the instructions as best as I can... I'm not able to start WSJT-X because I'm lacking a relevant MAC device driver.
    • Where can I find one for the FLEX6700?

    Terry, W0VB

  • Alan
    Alan Member ✭✭✭✭


    Use CAT from your Mac Smart SDR or xCAT:

  • Ken Wells
    Ken Wells Community Manager admin

    Not being very much of a Mac user, I am puzzled why the installers for these Mac programs don't include automated commands to set up the memory sharing and other stuff when you install the program? Is this part of MAC OS security to prevent such automation?

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