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SmartSDR for Mac FlexControl equivalent .. perhaps even better!

W7NGA Member ✭✭✭
edited June 2021 in SmartSDR for Mac

Well, I wrote the full review and attempted to remove a photo and lost everything. Ugh .. what a dreadful feeling. So here is the truncated version before I hop on Jet Blue and visit my son in NYC.

Briefly ...

I have so enjoyed SmartSDR for Mac that I feel compelled to share the excitement with others. I know the FlexControl is backordered, and to be honest, having owned a few of them previously I found them limiting. SmartSDR for Mac also supports Midi Controlled devices so off to Amazon I went to order the inexpensive Numark DJ2GO2 Touch Midi controller. Now what?

Admittedly, my first impressions were that there were too many knobs, buttons, and faders, and it looks kinda gaudy. But I persevered and quickly got over that as pragmatism and parsimony took hold. I first programmed the two large knobs as VFO A and VFO B controls, the round headphone button as a mute toggle, the side faders as slice volume controls, buttons 1,2,3,4 to set the active slice, and the large fader in the middle to zoom the active slice. The latest version of SmartSDR for Mac supports syncing two slices, such that the associated frequency tracks with the other. So, I can have a broad view in one panadapter, even full band view, and a zoomed in view in the other panadapter. The two views will track each other as frequency is changed in either. I operate AM at times and it is nice to zoom into and view the modulation sidebands. Yes, you can click, drag, pull and accomplish the same thing ... but that's old school now! Just use the fader control!

Setup is easy. In the Tools section there is a Midi Controller setup page. Select the DJ2GO2 and edit the mapping for any of the knobs, buttons, faders, and even LED's. Go Nuts!

Repeat thru all the selections you desire.

This might not be for everyone, I fully understand, but beyond the utility it's great fun!

Off to the airport .. thank you for taking the time here.


W7NGA - Seaside, Oregon