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My radio doesn't work. Please help!

Dan-N7HQ FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager admin

Hey folks,

It is the busiest time of year for the support team. Summer, vacations, new updates, new antennas, new gear, lightning strikes, grandkidsfutzdwithit, contests, field day, RWOV (remote while on vacation), Cousin Itt, etc. You name it; we will see it in the next 90 days or so.

This post is a reminder to provide as much information as possible when you submit a helpdesk request. A request that starts and ends with: "My radio doesn't work. Please Help!" doesn't give us much to start with - it will take us a couple of exchanges to get the info we need to help - it will delay our ability to help you.

For customers new to Flex Radio helpdesk - please read: How to Submit a Request for Technical Support – FlexRadio

For all customers who submit a helpdesk ticket, please provide as much information about the issue you are experiencing, what you have tried, basic information about the radio, and the environment it is (or was) in.

The most important thing to add is a brief narrative about the problem you are asking for help with. We don't need an essay, but we need you to describe (in your own words) what is occurring. Characterizations are fine; however, "My radio is acting funny." is only helpful when followed by something descriptive about why you think it is acting funny. Tim and Ken are great, but they have not mastered using the force to determine the root cause of your radio's affliction.

Here are some things our helpdesk system will ask for when you create the ticket, that are very helpful to us:

Serial Number - It doesn't matter if you bought the radio second-hand or not - providing a serial number, tells us a lot about your radio; such as the model, the options it was shipped with, and the date it was manufactured.

Smart SDR Version - The version you are using or upgrading from (if the ticket is about an upgrade).

Operating System - The operating system software and version.

Additional helpful information:

The list of peripheral equipment and software (and versions) that you think may be related to the problem.

The type of antennas and feedlines you have (especially if it is related to TX/RX).

Any recent change to your station, network, or environment.

Thank you for listening and using the FlexRadio HelpDesk. We're here to help when you need us.


Dan, N7HQ