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Smart SDR for Mac Keeps Freezing / Crashing

Just installed SSDR for OS X, love the GUI and look forward to using it. But it keeps freezing.

I'm using a friends Flex 6500, located on a hilltop about 20 miles from my home. Both are connected via ethernet broadband. Netgear routers on each end.

I'm running on a late 2014 Mac Mini (8GB). I am running with SSDR operating via an external solid state drive.

I am able to log in and operate it in receive, and work the VFO & other controls. However, after about 3 minutes of run time, the software freezes completely. Not attempting to transmit so far. Just receive.

Have been able to run using Maestro and Windoze version of SSDR (under Parallels) without issues - though those are currently down due to Flex Server issues.

Not sure if this "freeze" is related to what is going on with the Flex Server - or issues with my Mac.

Should I attempt to re-install my SSDR for OS X? Is the external SSD at issue? Is it an issue of insufficient RAM? Will Batman save Robin from almost certain death (again)?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Peter Gambee


  • halmassey
    halmassey Member ✭✭
    Did you check the network performance under the "tools" menu at the top?
  • Tonno Vahk
    Tonno Vahk Member ✭✭

    SmartSDR for Mac freezes band scope and waterfall for me immediately when connecting to 6600M remotely over Smartlink from my home while Radio is at the station. Sound remains. It has something to do with the specifics of the home internet which comes over the cable. Does not matter if I connect to the Router over WiFi or Ethernet cable. In other locations and also over cellular 4G internet it works fine. Really can't figure out what has caused this as it used to work just fine till ca 1 months ago. New versions of Flex firmware and SmartSDR for Mac have appeared since then of course...