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What we can expect in next version of SSDR?

I am sure that many Flex users are keen to know what is planned for next version of SSDR.

I am interested to know if Predistortion will be implemented so PG together with TG could produce exemplary TX spectrum.

What are users' observations about ATU improvement in latest SSDR version?

Any other suggestions, expectations and comments?



  • RFord
    RFord Member ✭✭✭


    Flex does not discuss upcoming software plans or improvements prior to release. The current software will always evolve...the progression may no be as fast as everyone wishes but so far (other than one issue) I have been pleased with the progress. I hope my concern will be addressed in coming releases.

    73, Ronald

  • Martin AA6E
    Martin AA6E Member ✭✭✭

    My 2 cents: I think it wouldn't be too much to ask what features or fixes are being beta tested currently. Yes, it might be embarrassing if some new feature had to be withdrawn. That's life.

  • ka9ees
    ka9ees Member ✭✭✭

    I can tell you with great certainty. They are beta testing all the time. They want to know what works and what doesn't. If they were to announce some particular feature or function and it were to fail. They would be brow beaten to a pulp. It would be more than embarrassing. It would damage the reputation of the company.

    My 2 cents worth,

  • Personally, I'd be very happy if the noise reduction would work without mudding the audio. It does NOT improve intelligibility when it sounds bassy.

    Also, at release 1 and release 3 my WNB does absolutely nothing.

    I'd love it if there were folders for profiles instead of just a long list. I had 31 profiles at 3.2.31 and cut that to about 24 at 3.2.34.

    Otherwise, great radio.

  • ka9ees
    ka9ees Member ✭✭✭

    I find the WNB to be quite efficient.

  • I have seen the utube videos showing it working well but mine does not at any release.

  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    It has to do with the type of noise. It is like using a microphone wind filter on a calm day - it feels like the filter is a waste of time. In my case, I keep the WNB engaged all the time. Sometimes (like now on 20 M...) it lights up almost steadily. Other times it flashes on and off rhythmically at about a 2 second rate. I can almost never turn it off at my home QTH.

    I have no idea what my neighbors are doing (maybe I don't want to know...). So I just happen to have some crud in the air that the WNB filters right out. When I take the radio camping, sometimes I need to engage it, but often not.

  • ka9ees
    ka9ees Member ✭✭✭

    @KD0RC ^^^^^What Len said!

  • David Decoons, wo2x
    David Decoons, wo2x Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    I find for power line arcing here a level of 93 on WNB is very effective. I have YouTube videos showing about 20 dB drop in noise floor.

    Dave wo2x

  • David Decoons, wo2x
    David Decoons, wo2x Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    The author asked about internal tuner performance with 3.2.34.

    I have tested the internal ATU on my 6600m @ 10 watts tuning using a ZS6BKW antenna on 40 and 80 (it is also known as an optimized G5RV. Tunes fine with internal tuner on first try and remembers settings.

    My friend reported very good results with his limited edition 6500 (my old radio).

    Even though it took a while to fix the tuner it is now working well. I normally do not use it but instead use a PalStar HF Auto for 40 and 80 meters. The 5 band Yagi and 30 meter dipole are both resonant enough on their respective bands that no tuner is needed.

    Eventually I will replace the HF Auto with the Tuner Genius SO2R version.


    Dave wo2x

  • Asher - K0AU
    Asher - K0AU Member ✭✭

    Even more than what's in the next release of SSDR, I'd like to see Flex publish a roadmap. I've been on this journey with Flex since 2013 with a 6700, 6300, AG, PGXL, TG coming this year. I had a Maestro for a while and sold it. What would I like to see?

    1. Publish a remote station roadmap. What are the gaps? Not every Flex-branded device supports SmartLink. There's no provision to control other equipment (like rotators) so SmartLink + a VPN + a remote desktop are a minimum requirement. There's no ability to hard reset everything through dry contacts, so remote power switching is a requirement. SSDR and DAX are way touchier about network than consumer services like Zoom. There appears to be no way to store reversionary software and we've had multiple patch releases that require physical presence to run the update
    2. Figure out something to do with slices beyond A and B. Multiflex would be useful if I could run multiple versions of SSDR on a single computer, but I can't. Loggers only understand A and B and it takes way too many button clicks to monitor a band AND get a Q logged. My 6700 hardware has capabilities the software just can't exploit.
    3. Maestro in its shadow-SSDR mode needs to support audio, keying and sidetone
    4. Interoperability. Other manufacturers are making IP-controlled radios (Yaesu and Elecraft). At a minimum I'd like IP-level interoperability for band data, mode, PTT, keying. I will probably write my own interoperability "hub" and hope the APIs are stable enough that it doesn't break all the time
    5. Screen optimization. I have SSDR, a logger... and with FT8 I have WSJT + JTAlert. With two 2560 x 1440 screens I can just about manage the windows, but forget about it for remote operation on my laptop
    6. Wish list: native decodes. With all the onboard DSP, why aren't FSK, FT8 and Skimmer built in? Perhaps through a partner program?

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