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Smart SDR for Windows Installation and performance first Look And Opinions

I just completed my install of 3.2.31 SSDR for Windows on my workstation update from 3.1.12 on Flex 6500

Here's what I did, and the install went smoothly and there are some slight changes in the radio's functionality on the tuner end...

Downloaded 3.2.31 and brought up release notes and install notes.

I shut the radio down and turned off my power supply. I rebooted my workstation it is on 20H2 and of course it blue screened but on the third boot attempt it came up after I told it to reboot not repair.

Check for windows updates there was another biggy KB 5000842 for 20H2. It had already updated a week ago with KB5000802... I performed 842 and rebooted the computer.

I took a deep breath said a little prayer and clicked on the install package. Hit the UPDATE BUTTON on the SDR Start window, Cat And DAX just showed the workstation not connected.

Yes this is a long Radio Firmware Update it went just as expected the Radio Fans went to full throttle for several minutes during which the second portion of update performed. Shut everything down. Turned off Radio and shut off the supply... Turned on the supply, turned on the radio rebooted the workstaton.

Crisp Windows boot. OK that's new... Brought up the SSDR software hit the login or is that a connect button, I have Ethernet connections thru my home network. Radio came up, Cat Came up and Dax Came up. My profiles were still there. When it came up the first time they weren't but after the restart of the whole system it was just like it had worked yesterday on 3.1.12.

There was no SLICE though the receiver was receiving. Hit +RX Slice A came up. Looked around all my v3 setting were still there.

DAX one was not selected for WSJT-X hit the Dax Button on the slice and changed from 0 to 1. Hit RX slice 1 on DAX and it was decoding.

I then tested the Tuner. All my tuner memories were still there. I started at 14.300 and checked the memory. SWR was like 1.5:1 that end of the band on my EX14 is the higher SWR end. hit ATU and it tuned instantly. Moved down ten until I heard the relay click in the tuner checked the SWR retuned again all good. Some segments had been tuned to 1:1 from last weeks contest they were OK... some the SWR was a little higher. IF I tried a retune on the tuner even with the tuner having reached 1:1 in one of my 10 button push tunes.... The tuner lost that 1:1 and instantly tuned to 1.2 and stoped. I lost about 5 1.1's and no number of button pushes improved the situation back to the 1:1 I had previously reached. That new number now is acceptable to the tuner algorithm.

I kept tuning down the band any that were higher in previous settings as it was a phone contest last weekend did improve to 1.2 with a brisk tune.

When I got down to where my EXPLODER 14 is tuned and very broad band if the antenna with out the tuner is 1.2 or below it WILL go instantly into bypass. anything between 1.0:1 and 1.2:1 will bypass, where before the tuner would be engaged.

THAT'S pretty much what I expected a Ham Rig to do and that's what it does.

I hope each of you have a smooth install and remember reboot both. I did not perform a factory reset on my radio it wasn't needed.

Thank You Guys, Until I find anything Else I'm back to running

Erika DD Have a great day!!!! 😍

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