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New Version

2 Quick Questions regarding the new version.

1 Can I uninstall 3.1.12 and the old dax drivers by using the windows uninstaller

2 Does the new version remove the auto profile save

Best Answer


  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    @Tim - W4TME Hi Tim, The software page under Support still brings up 3.1.12 as the latest version. I was able to use your link above to the release notes to access the new download.

    So far so good! The upgrade went perfectly, my profiles all look to be intact and operating as before. SmartSDR looks great; no issues at this point.

    My TeensyMaestro (using the IW7DMH Arduino library and the Flex TCP/IP API) mostly works as it did, but I have found some items that no longer work the same as they did in V 3.1.12.

    1. I can no longer log my TeensyMaestro on as a standalone client. Radio needs to be re-booted before SmartSDR will connect again if I attempt a standalone connect from my gear. Has the API changed in this respect?
    2. If I attempt to create a second slice from my TeensyMaestro, SmartSDR fails and requires a radio re-boot to be able to connect SmartSDR again. I can create a second slice from SmartSDR without issue. Once created, I can control the slice from my box without issue.
    3. It looks like the radio nickname in the API is offset from V3.1.12. My TeensyMaestro reports "e=Len.64" instead of "Len.6400" as it did in V 3.1.12. Is there a list of what is different in the new API? Is this likely to cause the other issues I am seeing?

    I will see if I can put some isolated code together to recreate my issues. If I can't recreate them in isolation, I will assume they are mine. If I can recreate them, I will send them in as a helpdesk ticket along with the code that causes the issue.

    Overall it looks like a great release, and I will keep you up on anything else that I find API-wise.

    @ww1ssradio @David Okay Patton As the other two known TeensyMaestro owners, have you experienced any issues under

  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    OK, one problem resolved (item 3, above). It looks like the NickName moved two places to the right in the discovery packet. I fixed the Arduino library, and that problem is solved. Still works for V 3.1 and 2.x.

    Now on to the other two. Hopefully, they will be on my end and not the Flex API.

  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    All Fixed. Tim, I hope you didn't spend any time chasing this ghost... All API problems were on my end. I am not sure what aspect of creating a slice was causing the problem (or why it worked on previous versions), so I just bypassed the Arduino library function and sent the properly formatted API command myself.

    The NickName did move two bytes in the Discovery Packet, but that was an easy fix at this end.

    I see that the non-GUI client fix promised by @Eric-KE5DTO was successfully implemented. This was the issue where a non-GUI client would crash the radio if the frequency was changed. Thanks for the fix Eric, I appreciate it! I am now able to operate the TeensyMaestro standalone as a non-GUI client or as a GUI client. I don't plan on operating it that way much, but it is nice to have it working in case I can't use the computer for some reason.

    I will get my fixes out to GitHub sometime today and post a notice on the TeensyMaestro thread.

  • Trucker
    Trucker Member ✭✭✭
    Installation went smoothly. Love the new Ctrl + Mousewheel to Zoom in and out the display for SmartSDR! So far, no glitches. Maybe, one day a way to use a mouse with the M model radios would be nice.
    And yes, I am still hoping for an improved Automatic Notch Filter. But, I can live with it as long as my Timewave doesn't die on me.

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