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Is anyone using xCat/xDax at the same time as SmartSDR for Mac? They appear incompatible.

Ted VE3TRQ Member ✭✭✭

I have used xCat and xDax with my 6600M for a couple of years. Flex runs 24x7, and one or two digital apps run on the Mac connected to the Flex. Now that SSDR-Mac is out, I wanted to use it to have a GUI on the (remote to the Flex) Mac. And. of course, having an extra CAT and DAX channel or two would allow yet more digital apps to run.

Well, I ran into a serious problem. When xCat is running on the Mac, SSDR-Mac won't start - even if its CAT is not activated. This totally breaks my reason for purchasing SSDR-Mac (SSDR Win under Parallels really screws with audio on the Mac, especially when also running Zoom - I use that as a comms backchannel when conducting digital nets).

So, anyone have any experience mixing xCat and SSDR Mac? Any solutions to my problem? I have contacted both Marcus and Mario. Waiting to hear back from Mario. I do need both apps working together :-(


  • Eric Macauley
    Eric Macauley Member ✭✭

    SSDR for Mac has CAT and DAX built in (it may have even been leveraged from Mario’s xCAT and xDAX) code. Could you switch to use the built in feature of SSDR instead?

  • Ted  VE3TRQ
    Ted VE3TRQ Member ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the suggestion, Eric, but sorry, that won't solve my problem. As I mentioned above, I always leave the "M" front end connected with panadapters/slices open, and digital apps on the Mac connected with xCat/xDax. I cannot use SSDR Mac at all with those connected. I need them there to operate digital while I use SSDR Mac for either phone or additional digital apps. I cannot have sufficient CAT/DAX channels with SSDR Mac alone (it appears to only support 2 of each), and I do not want to waste the GUI on the "M" - I bought the "M" model because it has a display and knobs and supports CAT/DAX without a GUI on the PC/Mac. I often move back and forth from my computer operating position to my shack desk (which has a K3/P3/Linux PC and the 6600M). I use the front panels of both radios while the digital apps run on the Mac.

    I also do not want to leave SSDR Mac running full-time on the MacMini - I use it for other things, while digital radio apps run in the background.