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Freezing display

I have the following issue for SmartSDR for Mac

I am connecting from my Mac using SmartSDR for Mac to a friend’s Flex 6600. He has been generous enough to let me use his Flex remotely until mine arrives.

When I am at his house everything functions flawlessly.
When I connect from my house, it works just fine for almost exactly 5 minutes. Every time. Then the Mac software paper to function fine but the pan adapter freezes and everything not on the Mac freezes up.

I initially thought it was a bad wireless connection on my end, or his, but with startling consistency, it freezes after 5 minutes, which doesn’t sound like a wireless issue, which would be random.

Any insight as to fixing this problem would be appreciated.

Can’t wait to get my own Flex. 12 week wait time. 36 days waiting down. 48 to go.


  • f.r.harris
    f.r.harris Member ✭✭
    [{"insert":"Net gear router is the culprit. Junk \nTossed it and set up Eero mesh router. \nProblem solved. \nHope this helps anyone else. \nRon\nKN4AND \n"}]