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CW side tone & USB mic issue with SmartSDR macOS


I am new owner of FlexRadio 6600. I have played it recently and managed to get all basic configurations done for local and remote usage but still having two issues I have not found any fix:

1. CW local side tone, its "corrupted" on audio (iMac own speaker). Even more worse with USB headsets. Transmitted CW is perfect, monitored with WebSDR

2. Have not been able to get a good audio quality with USB headsets. I have tried few different models. All settings, mic, proc and EQ have been tried. Still getting kind of distorted or clipped audio.

I have sent CW with CWX memories, CWX live and CW paddle (via USB-Serial cable). All giving similar "bad" local CW tone, but transmitted CW is perfect in all cases.

I am just wondering if any one of you are using similar older iMac and having all OK or having some issues? My iMac is 21.5-inch, 2.9GHz intel 4 core i5, 16G RAM, SSD, late 2013 model. Using macOS Catalina 10.15.7

My FlexRadio firmware 3.1.12 and smartSDSR macOS is 1.4.34 (63)

I am using also Windows version of smartSDR and iPad iOS version and they both are working well.

All comments and advices are very welcome. Questions as well.

73 de Jukka OH2MA