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How to sell a Smart SDR MAC license?

Kari Gustafsson SM0HRP
Kari Gustafsson SM0HRP Member ✭✭
edited March 2021 in SmartSDR for Mac

In Windows the Smart SDR follows the radio. How is it in the MAC world? If I purchased the MAC app in the Apple store and want to sell it to someone else how is the process? Or am I stuck with it?


  • k3pw
    k3pw Member ✭✭

    I'm pretty certain that there is no way to transfer ownership of an app purchased through the App Store. That said, I love the app, I love the radio and have no intension to get rid of either.

    I do use SSDR for Windows with a PC in the basement next to the FLEX6400, I use an iMac on the first floor more often. The windows version of the software seems to me to have a bit more flexibility and options in the user interface than the Mac version but only slightly. Both are easy to use.

    What gives the Mac version the clear edge is the ability to use a MIDI controller with actual knobs for frequency, audio, agc-t, etc. I miss that feature when operating in the basement. Also no charge for major version upgrades.

    I also use Node Red with an iPad at both locations to avoid use of menus or dialog boxes any more than absolutely necessary. I've setup Node Red as sort of a command console giving me quick single tap access to band/mode changes, filter bandwidth, step size, tx profile, NB, NR, WNB, pan adapter width, in addition to on, off, standby, operate control of a KPA500. Sorry, that's a bit off topic, but I am a fan boy for the FLEX environment regardless of Mac, PC, or both.

  • George KF2T
    George KF2T Member ✭✭✭

    It’s more accurate to say the -firmware version- follows the radio. SmartSDR for Windows is a free application that anyone can download. SmartSDR for Mac is a paid client, and while it’s a one-time purchase, you will still need to pay for “major version” firmware updates from Flex. It is a little confusing when they call both the radio firmware (paid) and Windows client (free) “SmartSDR.”

  • Les W6JKA
    Les W6JKA Member ✭✭

    Ill continue to use the Windows Free version and the reasonably priced iOS version. When the Mac version comes way down in price I will purchase it.