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Writelog Flex Driver & RTTY Operation

It has been a while, but I used to have Writelog working flawlessly with the 6600M. For some time now the RX audio does not show the slope of the filter in the RTTY Control Panel display. There should be nice sharp skirts and it is just flat. Plus I cannot decode anything. This is happening on two PC's.

When I go to TX, the TX audio sounds distorted and is on/off/on/off etc. TX stays up solid.

This is the best way I can explain this in text.

What I am thinking is that something changed in the Writelog Flex Driver that I need to change in my configuration. Does the Flex driver connect to the radio and bring the audio to the PC that way instead of the DAX?

Also, I cannot make MMTTY work as stand-alone. It used to be (maybe it still is) that if you had that working stand-alone, you were set.

Anyone out there have any thoughts on this?

73, John K0TG


  • Rich M5RIC
    Rich M5RIC Member ✭✭✭

    Yes would make sense to get it working with MMTTY first.

    Are you sure you are selecting the right RX channel, as if the filter skirt is not showing and you can't decode anything sounds like you don't have the right input selected maybe?

    Tick the box highlighted in this screenshot as it removes the IQ channels. Then make sure you have the right RX channel selected.


    Rich M5RIC

  • John K0TG
    John K0TG Member ✭✭

    Thanks Rich,

    Since I wrote my note, I have found that it does work with MMTTY stand alone. To do that I have the DAX app running. When I fire up WL I understand I do not need the DAX or CAT app running (I am using the radio with the front panel, so do not need SmartSDR running).

    It seems that the WL Flex Driver is possibly the issue here. I have selected the correct source and destination audio selections for MMTTY. The audio quality using the WL Flex Driver seems to be the issue here. I have uninstalled it and re-installed it (after reboots) and nothing changes. I looked over some of the release notes of some of the commands added to support the driver in WL, but nothing seems to change this.

    I am convinced that it is a setting of some sort that is wrong or not there, as I have the same exact issue on another PC.

    73, John K0TG

  • Rich M5RIC
    Rich M5RIC Member ✭✭✭

    Hi John

    Yes you need the CAT and DAX apps running when using anything on your pc that needs CAT or DAX. I have a 6600M and whenever I want to use DX log or N1MM they must be open, so try that that next?



  • John K0TG
    John K0TG Member ✭✭

    As I understand it, the only thing that CAT is needed for is Winkeyer. I tried it with CAT and DAX on and off. It looks like the driver brings the radio control thru (PTT as well) and the audio too as the DAX shows (I think it was the TX audio) as busy.

    I should try this old school method without the Flex driver. Will try that later today.

    TNX es 73, John K0TG

  • Hi guys, any progress on this issue? From time to time I try to configure and use Writelog for the next RTTY Contest with my 6400 but the TX modulation is wide, distorced; nothing that could be decoded.

    RX is ok.

    MMTTY alone is working fine, N1MM with MMTTY is working fine too. The issue seems to be in the TX side of the Writelog Flex Driver...

    Any help...?


    Alessandro, i2sva

  • WX7Y
    WX7Y Member ✭✭✭

    I would take this up with the Writelog software guys as I don't think Flex writes the drivers for Writelog, but perhaps the Writelog audio output levels are set to high in your writelog settings.

    sounds like if two other programs are working fine then this is a Writelog issue and not a Flex Radio's DAX issue.

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