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Motorhome installation

I have searched the archives and not found a discussion. My apologies if this topic has already been discussed.

I am considering installing a Flex 6300 or 6500 in my Motorhome. My thought is to permanently mount a 6300 or 6500 in a vented cabinet along with a wireless router. I would then use a Maestro at my operating position. The idea being with this set up, my operating position could be anywhere inside the Motorhome or in close proximity outside on a picnic table or such.

Just wondering if any has done this and if you have any thoughts or advice for me.


  • aa3ssradio
    aa3ssradio Member ✭✭

    Been there . . . Done that . . . Works fine. had my 6500 in a cabinet with a router and used computer and maestro on picnic table etc.

  • BY5EA
    BY5EA Member
    I also need this information
  • BY5EA
    BY5EA Member
    I also need this information
  • aa3ssradio
    aa3ssradio Member ✭✭

    This is how I did mine. I

    I put the radio in one of my overhead cabinets with a 12v power supply. I installed it in my AV cabinet as there was plenty of room and there were outlets there for the power supply and router. I ran a coax from the antenna on the ladder to the radio. Had to bond antenna bracket to chassis with braid. I even removed some of outer insulation and put a clamp around coax shield and bonded that to chassis also. Hooked up radio to ethernet port on router and I am in business. I also ran a coax from antenna 2 to an easy location in one of my storage bays so If I was somewhere for a long time and wanted to put up a dipole I could connect to that coax and just use antenna 2 port.

  • N4VGE
    N4VGE Member ✭✭

    I have my 6700 installed in my coach but I have found it to require a lot of service returns to the factory. ie make it easy to remove. IMHO Flex 6xxxs are not dependable. I do like it installed under a table so I can use my the laptop screen.

  • Doug - W5WTX
    Doug - W5WTX Member ✭✭

    Van, N4VGE

    I run a 6600M in my home QTH and have had no issues with the rig after a few years of fairly heavy use. Do you think the issues with your 6700 are related to road vibrations and shock from being in your motorhome? I have not pulled the trigger yet for a Motorhome station. I am not a full time RV so the Motorhome station will only see occasional use. So it is hard to swallow the cost of a 6300/6400 plus a Maestro vs an import DC to light box like a ICOM-7000 or something similar. Stagnation by analysis,hihi.

    very 73,


  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Broomfield, COMember, Super Elmer Moderator

    Hi Doug, I put my 6400 into my small (25 ft) 5th wheel camper occasionally. My trick is to put it and an Elecraft KPA 500/KAT 500 combo on the seat of the dinette. I did this initially just to see if I could get everything to work. It worked so well, that I made this my normal camping set up. Here is a link to my QRZ page with some pics of the set up as well as a pic of my K2 being operated by my buddy Dave.

    KD0RC - Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio

    I initially thought that the wife appeal would be so bad that I would need to do something more refined. As it turns out, this is easier to deal with than my K2 / RSP1A / TR switch combo which needed to sit on the dinette table and was not easy to move at mealtime. With the radio, amp and tuner already on the seat, there was only the computer to move and a couple of small things to slide to the side (mouse, key, mic, headphones). Even with such a small dinette, my wife can sit there and read or knit while I operate CW. Not having a front panel in this case is a serious advantage!

    I thought that I might put the Flex, amp and tuner in a cabinet above the dinette, but without adequate ventilation, I decided against it. In my case, the cabling (12 V power, antenna coax) comes into the camper from under the dinette seat, making this location even more convenient.

    This setup may or may not work well for your situation, but hopefully, it will give you some ideas.

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