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xDAX and xCAT - Remember settings

I am trying to figure out how to contact the wonderful gent that created xDAX and xCAT first to thank him for his efforts and second to request a few features. I can't find a place to post a request so I'll try here.

First, thanks for xCAT, xDAX, as has been said by others here it has really made it possible to stay in the Mac world with Flex Radio.

A couple of requests:

1) It would be idea if both xDAX and xCAT could be setup to remember the settings so when you run them they just connect to the various devices. Right now every time I run xDAX I have to manually turn on the same devices. Same for xCAT except it really has less to do other than connect. I would request that xDAX be make to work like the windows DAX. It comes up configured as it was when it was last used.

2) Please implement the WinKeyer support in xCAT. Being able to create a WinKeyer look a like port would help in some projects I am doing. I don't need the port to be a virtual serial port. For me if it was just a TCP port with a port number and it accepted WinKeyer protocol that would be amazing.

Again thanks for the programs. Really excellent.

Mark - WS7M


  • George KF2T
    George KF2T Member ✭✭✭

    https://dl3lsm.blogspot.com/ is the author’s site. He is very helpful!

  • K3SF
    K3SF Member ✭✭✭

    hi mark

    contact w6op, he has developed a keyer that drectly connect to flex radio , similar to cwx ...

    he has both ce keyer and voice keyer on his website

    works on MAC....

    Paul K3SF

  • Mario_DL3LSM
    Mario_DL3LSM Member ✭✭

    Hi Mark,

    at the moment I have barely time for Ham Radio and so until today I have not logged into the new community to see any questions or discussions..

    For your questions..

    Setings: if you set your radio to default in the radio picker xCAT and xDAX should connect to the radio without any additional action.. So for xCAT there should be nothing extra to do.. I was thinking about remembering the button status in xDAX but this being a hobby project I decided to skip over the necessary logic as there are only some buttons to press (slider value is saved).

    When I started with xCAT I wanted to include Winkeyer support but none of the log programmers I asked at the time was willing to implement Winkeyer over TCP (there is no easy solution for virtual serial ports on the Mac). So there is no reason to implement something which nobody could use.

    To have a Winkeyer support and remote CW keying I developed xKEY (see https://dl3lsm.blogspot.com). Maybe this will fit your use case.

    Thanks and 73

    Mario, DL3LSM