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Connecting a 6400 and Yaesu FTdx101D to PGXL, Palstar HF Auto, and Antenna Genius

Can anyone guide me on how to connect both radios to my PGXL, then the tuner, then to my Antenna Genius?

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  • David Decoons, wo2x
    David Decoons, wo2x Member, Super Elmer Moderator
    Answer ✓

    The amp and antenna switch has separate paths for the A and B side. The tuner can only work with one RF path. Question is what band or bands need the tuner?

    if you only need the tuner on one antenna you can put the tuner between the AG and that antenna. If you need the tuner on multiple antennas then it is more complicated.

    think about it, two RF paths (one from each radio) to the amp then down to one path thru tuner and back to two paths thru AG. Cannot be done. Only solution would be a second tuner or wait for the Tuner Genius.

    Dave wo2x


  • Alan
    Alan Member ✭✭✭✭


    Would this work? Resonate antenna path on Radio 1 input to AG, Non-Resonate path on Radio 2 of AG.

    Flex Ant 1 -> >PG-XL Ant 1 ->> Ant Genius Radio 1 ->>Select a Resonate Antenna using AG

    Flex Ant 2 -> >PG-XL Ant 2 ->> Tuner ->>Ant Genius Radio 2 ->>Select a Non-Resonate Antenna using AG


    WA9WUD (perhaps in the market for an Antenna Genius)

  • K9TI
    K9TI Member ✭✭
    Dave... Thank you for your reply. I was afraid this would be the case. I have a loop that does require the tuner and I use it for the other wire antennas too. This should be a temporary problem as we are buying land so I can build a legitimate station with "real" antennas Hi Hi. Guessing I might be looking for a 2nd HF-Auto because who knows when the Tuner Genius will be available.
  • 4O3A Signature
    4O3A Signature Member ✭✭
    edited December 2020

    Tuner Genius will be available from April 2021 for public sale. Before this date we will ship TGs to back log.



  • W2PP
    W2PP Member ✭✭

    Currently the PGXL will not talk to any radio other than Flex 6xxx So, my question is, will the tuner genius talk to radios other than Flex? I'll still buy it, but, would be better if the PGXL and TG could talk to the radios I already own, I'm using the RF Detect currently, but it would be easier with the PGXL / TG following immediately when a band change happens. Particularly during contesting.

    Still even with this short coming the PGXL is the finest amp I've ever owned since ETO Alpha went out of business 20 years ago.



  • W2PP
    W2PP Member ✭✭

    any update on the issue of the TGXL talking to the PGXL/ exciter?


  • a reminder that there is an excellent video on the TGXL

    here is the link if you have not seen it

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