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CW & TX Delay, CW & Delay

Hi all,

CW & TX Delay:

I'm using Flex 6600 to PGXL. Keying is purely LAN.

Yesterday during CWT I received some reports of missing first dit in my call, WS7M. Several people copied me as MS7M and one sent an email noting the missing first dit.

As per the manual on the PGXL I have TX delays set to 0 since this is pure LAN keying. However this issue persists. Any thoughts?

CW & Delay:

When the PGXL arrived because of the manual stating that transitions were managed by the amp when LAN keying I set my CW delay to 0 to see if semi-break in worked. It doesn't. With CW delay at 0 things will seem to work then I will periodically get HIGH SWR warnings and the amp will go to standby.

It seems that setting the CW delay to something above 50ms cured that. How to others set their CW delay with this amp?

Mark WS7M


  • Tim - W4TME
    Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin

    Try increasing the TX Delay upwards to 30ms and see if this eliminates the clipping. The manual is correct, but there is a fix in the upcoming firmware release that ensures this works properly when using a FLEX-6000 exciter.

  • Mark_WS7M
    Mark_WS7M Member ✭✭✭

    Thanks Tim will go to 30ms and I assume that is best in the TX delay in radio settings correct?

  • AF3K
    AF3K Member ✭✭
    Along the same lines.... assuming LAN keying of PGXL with the 6700 TX Delay set to 30ms for now (and then back to 0 after the firmware update), what Delay setting is recommended in the SmartSDR CW Transmit Control Panel assuming you want to transition from Tx to Rx as soon as possible after a keying element?
    John, AF3K
  • AF3K
    AF3K Member ✭✭
    I was zapped by the "missing first dit" issue again. Folks were copying TF3K instead of AF3K. Turns out I had updated the delay to 30ms, but not on all transmit profiles. My fault, but argh!!

    Wish there was a good way to monitor this ongoing. (LP-500 won't do it - here is the answer from N8LP "The short answer is no. While there is an external trigger input available on the PCB, it has not as yet been made available on the rear panel, and the feature has not yet been implemented in the firmware. You can view a string of dits to assess the rise and fall times of the keying waveform, but it takes a few dits in order for the meter buffer to fill and display the characters.")

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