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Panadapter and waterfall frozen on new windows 10 laptop.

I would like to share a few pictures of smartsdr, windows 10 details to help solve my problem which I think is a driver problem.

I have searched and not found a how to post pictures to this forum. Following tims article on a picture is worth a thousands words, But does not describe the process. Since I do not see an attachment tab anywhere..... I assume I upload my picture to online hosting site and paste the link here.

Please share the post that I could not find, so I get onto solve the windows 10 issue.

Thanks in advance



  • k3Tim
    k3Tim Member ✭✭

    There is a paper clip at the bottom of the bounding box where one types in the comments.

    One can attach a JPG / PNG image file to post.

  • ShawnQuinn
    ShawnQuinn Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the answer Tim. Inside the bottom left of the bound box I do not have an option to post images thru a url when I am logged into the flex community, however if I log out and revisit this post there is a option then to up load images thru a insert media "url" . I'm wondering if I don't have privileges yet, to post images yet. Can someone confirm or deny this is the case. Im using chrome as the browser.

    Copy and paste this link and you will see I have no options to include attachments.


    It seems silly I would have to put a ticket in to request something that can be solved by the good users of the FLEX COMMUNITY.


  • Tim - W4TME
    Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin

    @ShawnQuinn Correct. You need more Community points before you can post images (this is a mechanism to prevent spamming).

  • ShawnQuinn
    ShawnQuinn Member ✭✭
    I have a 6400m running 3.1.12. On my windows 7 PC everything works as it should. Just received new windows 10 Laptop, this is when the problems started.

    Problem is the panadapter and waterfall do nothing. They display what ever is going on when first launched, then freeze. The slice A window cuts off most of the frequency display. I can transmit, tune, move slice around everything else appears to work.

    Since I can not post pics to this forum yet. Please copy and paste the link below to see image of above.


    Here is the display windows settings. Please copy and paste the link below to see image.


    Here is a close up of slice A window. Please copy and paste the link below to see image.


    Here is a copy of Network Diagnostics. Please copy and paste the link below to see image.


    The new windows 10 laptop is connected directed to 6400m by cat 6 (non-shielded). Cable is GOOD.

    Here are the window10 and Laptop stats. Windows 10 is up to date. Please copy and paste the link below to see image.




    I can show a list of drivers from the cmd window, however the list is very long, would be a lot of screen shots. If there is any particular driver that needs to be shown let me know and I will capture and post links to them.

    I apologize for the long post with all the copy and paste links, however I don't a see I way to provide the information required.

    Thanks in advance

  • ShawnQuinn
    ShawnQuinn Member ✭✭
    Here is my Cat connections currently. Please copy and paste the link below to see image.



  • ShawnQuinn
    ShawnQuinn Member ✭✭
    All fixed, turns out the PC graphics adapter/driver combo has a defect. For a temporary workaround solution, the Hardware acceleration has been disabled. Tim Ellison provided me with a line of text to add to the Registry.

    SmartSDR 3.1.12, Works as it should now. FlexRadio customer service is awesome!

    Special thanks to Tim Ellison for his quick attention to this matter.

    Merry Christmas all.


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