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Com Port Conflict with Wires-X Software

rbenton01 Member
edited December 2020 in Third-Party Software
I realize my issue involves two different manufacturers, but the issue remains. While awaiting arrival of my back-ordered Flex 6400, I went ahead and installed Smart SDR, DAX and CAT, and it has created a conflict making my existing Wires-X direct software on my Windows 10 laptop, making that program unusable. I'm afraid that if I cannot resolve the issue, I plan to cancel the order and purchase a different product.

Below is the response from the Wires-X tech support person after reviewing the issue. The Wires-X is to use com 4 and instead grabs the FlexRadio Vitual Serial Port (com 5), see screenshot. Even though I direct it to use com 4, it still tries to connect to com 5. I was really looking forward to using the Flex 6400 but also love my FTM-400XDR and using it's direct Wires-X software. I really cannot afford two computers so I'm hoping to find a work-around or solution to the conflict. Here's the message from my Wires-X tech, including their suggestion that you may have a solution:

"It looks to me that the Flex Radio software and WIRESX software are trying to use the same resources on your PC at the same time, you can see that the WIRESX software is trying to use the virtual Flex Radio soundcard. Unfortunately, Ray I have no work around for you other than running a second PC or maybe an external soundcard to free up the resources, you may see if Flex Radio have any suggestions."


  • Dudley  WA5QPZ
    Dudley WA5QPZ Member ✭✭✭

    By default SmartCAT installs its first virtual port at Com4 , if available, if not it continues to next available port. But no problem, just edit the SmartCAT port to the next available port, maybe Com5. Also note that these com ports are in pairs, usually separated by 100, so I would also change the secondary port from com 104 to com 105. SmartCAT really does not care, as long as these are clear, available com ports .


    Dudley, WA5QPZ

  • bahillen
    bahillen Member ✭✭✭


    you will find you will setup many COM Ports for your Flex. A port is a communication channel with many other applications. Logging, N1MM, wsjt, CWSKIMMER. Each slice receiver needs its own channels to prevent contention for the resources.

    While you are waiting it is a good time to do some investigation of Ports and UDP functions.

    until you get a radio to communicate with you may not be able to do much with SmartSDR.

    a third party app that does port management automatically is SliceMaster 6000. It does a lot of those management tasks.

    it helps to put your first name and call in your questions to reduce confusion in the threads.


    Bill W9JJB

  • Bob KC9RF
    Bob KC9RF Member ✭✭

    Have had similar issue with connecting to a PC, but now seem to have a solution that worked for me on another post I saw that if you disable any unused DAX ports in device manager sound settings that this would work.

    I first removed and reloaded Flex software including DAX drivers to make sure I started fresh. Make sure to backup any profiles before removal & reload. Note My first Cat port is serial port 6. This can be changed to a higher value to suit if needed.

    Also Wires-X mode must be on to find the serial port that is being used in the radio. I have a Yaesu FTM-300DR. when powering on depending on how it is used is power on, GM & DX buttons are pushed to enter wires -x mode. IF PDN mode is desired push power on and DX buttons at power up. Check serial port used in device manager. This assumes that you have registered the radio with Yaesu for wires-x. If not it won't be recognized by the PC either

    I have a Flex 6600 that uses 4 DAX audio ports 1-4.

    Start windows device manager and click sound, click playback then disable Ports 5-8 for playback & recording by Right clicking on properties of each Dax playback and record device that is not being used.

    If you have a 6400 I would suggest disabling DAX ports 3-8 on both playback & record

    I tried out my PC with both programs Smart SDR via smart link and Wires-x running and all is working.

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