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DAX breaking up or worse...mainly for digital modes

Ty K3MM Member ✭✭

I'm running a 6600m on 2 bands SO2R and I've noticed my TX audio pops frequently and judging from the waterfall,, creates a broadband pop! I've also had it go completely off the rails infrequently creating broadband hash and requiring a restart of the DAX program. Someone told me these are well-documented problems and Flex knows about them? I thought it was my slow Windows 7 computer so I changed over to my VR computer running Windows 10 and still have the same issues although the SO2R switching seems a little crisper.

Anyone have any fixes or condolences on this? I was wondering if maybe running a dedicated physical LAN connection between the computer and radio might fix it? Anyone tried it?

73, Ty K3MM


  • bahillen
    bahillen Member ✭✭✭

    I have this problem for a long time. I run 4 instances 24/7. Every day or two I have to hit the TX button on DAX and just turn off and on one time and problem goes away. The problem is a buffer overflows or memory leak. You don’t have to restart DAX. You just do it in a receive cycle.

    I was told the DAX driver is not written by Flex but a supplier.

    as a side note, I have found I have to reset my Flex SmartSDR occasionally when things are not working on a slice. I have only seen this a few times. I can’t say it is a WSJT-X , SliceMaster or Flex issue. On occasion I have seen Windows audio get corrupted and have to reboot the computer.

    Talking with Mike VE3MW two years ago, he reboots his computer before a contest weekend to reduce the chance of any disruptions.

    I do monitor my RX monitor on so I hear the audio. I would start to hear pops in audio and eventually distorted audio and see waterfall spectrum corruption.

    On the dedicated LAN, I have a network switch that both the radio and computer as well as my PGXL connect directly. My Comcast modem /router then connects to the switch. Latency improved. I connected UPS to network switch so my radio doesn’t have a problem if the internet has a problem.


    Bill W9JJB

  • Schaldem
    Schaldem Member
    I recently used the help desk for this issue. I have 3 to 20 pops and clicks in the WSJTX transmit signal per 15 second transmit. I have tried everything without resolution. When especially bad, rebooting the computer helps for awhile.

    I worked with Ken at the helpdesk and he had some suggestions which I already tried. He said this distortion is a known DAX issue and the engineers are working on it but when the update will be ready is unknown.
  • K6HN
    K6HN Member ✭✭

    I had/have the same popping issues on TX. In my case moving the radio and cpu off my main network and on to it's own helped immensely. Now I only get occasional pops on TX and sometimes none at all.

    As far as RX issues, I have to restart DAX at least once a day to get rid of the distortion.

  • WX7Y
    WX7Y Member ✭✭✭

    I had to go back to 2.4.10 to get rid of the **** DAX popping and dropping audio and this is a known issue and flex has a Defect number assigned.

  • Ty K3MM
    Ty K3MM Member ✭✭

    Maybe I'll try 2.4.10. Can others confirm this eliminates the problem? I'm just a little leery since the last time I tried going backwards, my radio required a trip to Texas!

  • David Decoons, wo2x
    David Decoons, wo2x Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Yes. 2.4.10 does not suffer from the popping during TX.

    73 Dave wo2x

  • WX7Y
    WX7Y Member ✭✭✭


    Just make sure you use 2.4.10 and DO NOT use your OLD version 3 profiles and do a HARD factory reset after you do the downgrade. (this is VERY important)

    I have found version 2.4.10 to be VERY SMOOTH and works well, I do miss the Multilink stuff that Version 3 has BUT to have a dependable and usable Radio that doesn't change on it's own, Auto-save MY profiles, and Popping DAX audio is a breath of fresh air.

    In my opinion Flex is working hard to have a much better release of version 3 that will correct a lot of these issues so just hope they get it soon so those of us that have paid for Version 3 can use it at our stations.

  • W4AFK Bruno
    W4AFK Bruno Member ✭✭

    You guys mention going back to 2.4.10.

    Do you know if the popping is also absent in 2.6.2 as that's the version I have?

  • WX7Y
    WX7Y Member ✭✭✭

    The Popping on MY 6700 and 6600 on my computers are still there using 2.6.2

    2.4.10 is the best rock solid SmartSDR for me upto this point that is very stable.

    you just need to NOT use your Ver3 or 2.6 Profiles and start over with a clean slate unless you have some old 2.4.9 profiles you can load.

  • Dudley  WA5QPZ
    Dudley WA5QPZ Member ✭✭✭

    Bret and others,

    Concerning the popping in DAX, which I do not have , BUT you may want to go back to your motherboard manufacturer or the maker of the video and sound chips you have on your computers.. Many times the generic Microsoft drivers are just not well suited for the current version of Win10.. I refresh my drivers from time to time from the original makers just to help keep mis-installed drivers from eating away at computer resources .. I know DAX is not using the sound cards directly, but it counts on the sound cards to be properly installed to be working correctly for the hardware ... Video is another big resource eater.. I have an AMD video card and by default it loads a whole suite of video gaming options and applications that I had to remove to get my computer settled down.. Now just the basic drivers and all is well..

    Just a thought,

    73, Dudley , WA5QPZ

  • Ty K3MM
    Ty K3MM Member ✭✭

    Well I've gone full circle....I tried going back to 2.4.10 and that did clean up the audio for the most part. However, it has other problems with SO2R functions and remote use and instability (M panel lockups requiring reboot), so I went back to the latest. I guess I'll just have to pollute the airwaves until Flex gets their **** together. Very disappointing. Sometimes it has a little buzz in the audio on FT8 and it always spits out an occasional broadband pop as seen on the waterfall and heard in a spare RX.

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