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Flex 6400 remote

I am a remote HF newbe and I am installing my Flex 6400 at a repeater site where I have other equipment. The internet provider is located in the cabinet next to mine so it was easy to arrange for a 10/5 (10 up and 5 down) mbps static IP connection. I will have a internet switch to control the power supply, Flex recommended soft restart module, and remote controlled on/off timer for the modem and router. My Maestro at home will be connected via Smartlink. Do I need to forward any ports on the repeater site router? Will SDR also work remotely?

Am I missing anything?

Excited about the installation as the OCF dipole will be hung on a 150 foot tower with unobstructed views in all directions.


  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    There is no standard answer to your question. One approach is to bring the Maestro and/or a laptop up to the site, use a cell phone hot spot and see if you can connect using SmartLink. If so, then no port forwarding is needed. If not, you can start experimenting with forwarding to get it working.

    <Will SDR also work remotely?> I think you mean SmartSDR, and yes, it works great remotely via SmartLink. If you get the Maestro working, SSDR should work just as well.


    Len, KD0RC