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BigSur and SmartSDR

I just bought SmartSDR for Mac and I am running BigSur on my laptop.

I am not getting any data from the radio, it works on my iPhone. It seems to launch but no sound, nothing on the pan adapter etc. Please advise.


  • Ted  VE3TRQ
    Ted VE3TRQ Member ✭✭✭

    Big Sur is a major OS update on the Mac - id be careful to check all my apps by loading the update on an external drive (copy) for testing before committing.

  • Neil D Friedman N3DF
    Neil D Friedman N3DF Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 2020

    Was it running well under Catalina?

  • Mark_WS7M
    Mark_WS7M Member ✭✭✭

    It runs fine for me on Catalina. Holding off on Big Sur for some time as other things are ready for it yet.

  • Andy Holman
    Andy Holman Member ✭✭

    I didn't have it under Catalina as I didn't need it then. Just wanted to share.

  • Justin W4JTD
    Justin W4JTD Member ✭✭

    I have it running on my 2019 Mac Pro under Big Sur, no problems.

  • Andy Holman
    Andy Holman Member ✭✭

    Interesting this is on a MacBook Pro 2019 and I do not get the waterfall at all.

  • Andy Holman
    Andy Holman Member ✭✭
  • K3DCW
    K3DCW Member ✭✭

    On a hunch, try explicitly adding the program to the Firewall exemptions. It should be exempt since it is an App Store app, but give it a try. Similar situations are seen on Windows machines when running SmartSDR and it is blocked by the firewall.

  • Bill N3HQB
    Bill N3HQB Member ✭✭

    SmartSDR for Mac running fine in Big Sur with Maestro for me.

  • Andy Holman
    Andy Holman Member ✭✭

    The firewall part was definitely the issue. Works fine on BigSur now.