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Maestro screen freeze after logging contact w MacLogger DX

MLdx version 6.30. Maestro SW version with 6600 HW version v3.1.12.51.

After entering contact information into the "DX/Contest" panel and hitting the "Log QSO" button there, frequently (always?) the Maestro screen freezes for up to thirty seconds. Audio is there and working properly throughout. After 5 - 30 seconds the screen comes back. If I tune while the screen is frozen, I hear the appropriate signal audio. When the screen returns, it jumps to the newly tuned frequency.

thanks for insights, I figure I must've mucked up the configuration somehow..


Ken WC6Y


  • WC6Y
    WC6Y Member ✭✭

    Turns out the problem occurs only when I am having the MLdx put spots on the Maestro display (i.e. "SmartSDR Radio Spots" is checked). If I uncheck this box, the problem goes away.

    Ideas? Anyone?


    Ken WC6Y

  • WC6Y
    WC6Y Member ✭✭

    The CQ WW CW contest last weekend gave me some more data on this problem. I was cherrypicking band-slots I needed - no way I could've contested using this logger in this condition.

    The problem seems to be with the Maestro and/or the Mac software & Maestro together in that rebooting the Maestro clears the problem, which then gradually gets worse as time goes on (due to more spots?)

    It's not just logging a contact that causes this. I noted it also with: a) closing MLdx preferences after having opened them, b) deleting spots from the MLdx screen, c) searching the MLdx log.

    More about what actually happens: a) spots on the Maestro screen disappear and the Maestro screen freezes, b) there can be one more more audio pops (like dropped audio packets on the Flex ethernet), c) the screen may come back to life briefly before freezing again - this can happen more than once, d) spots are redrawn and then the screen unfreezes and the radio can be reused again. This process can take anywhere from 10 seconds to over 1 minute, depending upon how recently I've rebooted the Maestro.

    Help please! I don't want to give up plotting spots on the Maestro!

    73, Ken

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