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Return CW Sidetone to remote user using SmartCAT and SmartDAX

When remote and using a logging program to send CW, I do not receive any audio feedback or sidetone. This feedback is essential to know when sending is occurring that it is sending properly, an when it has stopped. I do not need it to be "real time" to allow paddle or bug sending. But as a remote operator I need some feedback of the CW sending to operate properly.  I submitted this as a bug report#40651 and was informed "The radio software is operating as currently designed.  ... your support request is technically a product enhancement or change request." OK, l request a enhancement or change, please.

Mark Aaker K6UFO

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  • Lou KI5FTY
    Lou KI5FTY Member ✭✭

    short term workaround would be to use a winkeyer with sidetone...

  • Hi Lou, I think you are suggesting adding a winkeyer with sidetone at my operator location?

    That would not help me as a remote operator to know when the remote transmitter is sending, sending properly, and has completed sending. That information needs to come from the transmitter over the remote connection to the operator.  E.g, the logging program may be keying the winkeyer, but the transmitter could be OFF, and I wouldn't know unless I get a returned signal from the transmitter.

    Thanks, Mark K6UFO 

  • Tom OK1DWQ
    Tom OK1DWQ Member ✭✭
    Please to vote, maybe somebody from flex will accept to do it... if interest of it most peoples only
  • Asher - K0AU
    Asher - K0AU Member ✭✭

    It may "work as designed" but it's still a really bad conceptual bug. My LAN remote workaround is a pair of RemoteRig boxes to carry CW sidetone audio back. I suspect Flex needs to rewrite the Windows audio driver stack to reduce computer latency - which is a different issue. I have 1ms of network latency between the radio and my operating position.

    I also wish they would support audio and keying paths from a Maestro when it's used as a control surface. Inexplicable design decision not to.

  • I am currently using this system. Important; to listen to the audio of your messages transmitted in cw, on a local PC and remotely, proceed as follows:

    Set: set MIC, activate MON, activate DAX, activate DEXP, deactivate VOX and set the various levels. Also activate Sidetone and adjust the volume. Use paddle and Iambic. From the PHONES or PWR-SPKR audio output, on the rear panel of the sdr 6XXX with a stereo cable, go to an amplifier with one input and several outputs, at adjustable volumes. Connect a line to the pink microphone input of the PC. Audio settings on Window 10, from Control Panel on Recording, Microphone Properties, Properties, Listening, Spulcia (Listen to the device), Levels and adjust the volume. Stereo audio decouples, with 1: 1 transformers with 600 ohm impedance. Disable the default Window sounds.

    Also configure local and remote PC audio outputs to Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) see also on QRZ.com.

  • Using Any Desk 73

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