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SSDR V2.4.10 and Winkeyer Oddities

Lasse SM5GLC
Lasse SM5GLC Member ✭✭✭
edited November 2020 in Third-Party Software

Earlier this autumn I downgraded from 2.6.2 to 2.4.10 and finds timing so much better when using CW and as a bonus the previously reported (and acknowledged by Flex) power drop-out has not been seen. I usually have my paddle attached to the front of my 6500 and control the speed using Maestro. So far so good. Today I was playing around with my logging program DX4Win, and it do have a built-in keyboard that can be handy when sending call in a pile-up. But I realised while the message is sent , the program have somehow lost it's ability to control the CW-speed! Restarting DX4Win, radio and CAT, no change. Tested N1MM which usually work nice, it can (sort of) adjust speed but inserts spaces when sending faster than 20 wpm -ish.. Tried CwType a very neat CW-keyboard program, and it cannot adjust speed. Restarted computer (Win7), started SSDR and adjusting CW from SSDR works fine, but the issue, controlling speed from other services does not. All the mentioned programs did work earlier on using 2.51 and 2.6.1/2.6.2... and pretty sure also 2.4.9. Opened a LOG in SSDR CAT and the speed commands appears, but no reaction from the built-in keyer. I guess I could start to upgrade, and verify all is ok, and then go down again.

But before I do this, maybe others using 2.4.10 have noticed the same issue?


  • Lasse SM5GLC
    Lasse SM5GLC Member ✭✭✭

    No one??

    It seems N1MM sends the speed command twice... and it works, but DX4Win sends this only once and does not alter the speed. I would love to hear from someone that understands what is going on!

    This is a log from what is going on on my serial port:

    2020-11-08 15:54:30.819 COM8 (dx4win) [sent]: <02><0A>

    2020-11-08 15:54:31.644 COM8 (dx4win) [sent]: <02><08>

    2020-11-08 15:54:34.544 COM8 (dx4win) [sent]: V

    2020-11-08 15:54:34.549 COM8 (dx4win) [rcvd]: <C4>

    2020-11-08 15:54:35.071 COM8 (dx4win) [rcvd]: V

    2020-11-08 15:54:35.073 COM8 (dx4win) [rcvd]: <C0>

    2020-11-08 15:55:20.350 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <0E><05>

    2020-11-08 15:55:20.550 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <05><0A>-<FF>

    2020-11-08 15:55:20.750 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <01><C6>

    2020-11-08 15:55:20.951 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <09><05>

    2020-11-08 15:55:21.151 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <04><00><00>

    2020-11-08 15:55:21.364 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <10><00>

    2020-11-08 15:55:21.366 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <11><00><03>2<07><02><12>

    2020-11-08 15:55:21.368 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [rcvd]:

    2020-11-08 15:55:37.719 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <0A><16>

    2020-11-08 15:55:37.732 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <00>

    2020-11-08 15:55:37.735 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <16><02><00><1C><12>

    2020-11-08 15:55:39.714 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: V

    2020-11-08 15:55:39.719 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [rcvd]: <C4>

    2020-11-08 15:55:40.525 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [rcvd]: V

    2020-11-08 15:55:40.527 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [rcvd]: <C0>

    2020-11-08 15:55:52.738 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <0A>

    2020-11-08 15:55:55.253 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <02><14><02><14>

    2020-11-08 15:55:56.338 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <02><16><02><16>

    2020-11-08 15:55:57.239 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <02><18><02><18>

    2020-11-08 15:55:58.370 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <02><1A><02><1A>

    2020-11-08 15:55:58.375 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]:

    2020-11-08 15:56:02.443 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: <0A><16><00><16><02><00><1C><1A>

    2020-11-08 15:56:02.447 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]:

    2020-11-08 15:56:04.173 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: V

    2020-11-08 15:56:04.183 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [rcvd]: <C4>

    2020-11-08 15:56:04.743 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [rcvd]: V

    2020-11-08 15:56:04.745 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [rcvd]: <C0>

  • Lasse SM5GLC
    Lasse SM5GLC Member ✭✭✭

    Wow... just stumbled on one of my OWN old posting need to upgrade my memory 😁 ..... This is from 2017!!!!

    "After loosing the ability to set speed of the in-built Winkeyer from DX4Win (but still working from N1MM+) I felt time to down grade. So re-installed 1.9.13 and downgraded f/w... all seems back to normal. I can now use IQ-1 stream to skimmer and also adjust speed from DX4Win but this required a h/w reset also."

    I have opened a ticket, but so far have not heard a single beep! I bet this could be helpful!

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