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SmartSDR Mac OSX and SPE Expert 1.5k


Hi together,

I‘m planning to use my i7 Mac Mini 2020 for SmartSDR which seems to be a really nice solution. At the moment I‘m considering, which is the best way running the Expert Amp under OSX.

One solution can be Virtual Box or similar software to run Win10 in a window. Then I would use the original SPE Software.

Is there another solution or remote control App which supports the Expert under OSX?

Thanks & 73

Chris, DM5HF


  • Andy Holman
    Andy Holman Member ✭✭

    You can use something like Node Red, there is a nodered-hamradio group in Groups.io that really centralizes around Expert amps and Flex devices. It gives me a web interface to enable/disable op from a web button and shows me some basic information. I installed FRStack on a raspberry pi, but I think it could work on MacOS as well.

    Hope this helps!

  • Ignacy
    Ignacy Member ✭✭

    One of my remote setups is as follows:

    Local computer with SPE attached and its port exported by VSPE via TCP. Also rotors and switches managed by GHE server.

    Remote MAC with Windows via Parallel, with SPE port imported by VSPE via TCP.

    Windows partition runs FRSTack to manage SPE and provide hotkeys. Also runs GHE client.

    Seems to work.

    FRStack can be set to show its menu including the SPE menu as spot on the SmartSDR window. In such a case FRStack would run on a local computer with spots sent to the remote computer. See UDP setup.

    Ignacy NO9E

  • Alan
    Alan Member ✭✭✭✭

    FRStack has an SPE amp option.

    The easiest way to install FRStack is on a Windows machine with a USB connection to the "control" port of the SPE.

    You can Install FRStack on other platforms including a Raspberry Pi or Mac OS X. Then, using the FRStack REST commands, most commonly via Node-Red, you can set up a dashboard on your favorite Mac Browser (Safari in my case).

    I helped another ham set up a SPE Expert 2K as described.



  • Ignacy
    Ignacy Member ✭✭


    How do you set FRStack on WIndows to be accessed by Safari?

    ignacy NO9E