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SmartSDR and KE9NS


I know that this post may get flamed for this post, but in my opinion it is worth discussing.

As I have used both PowerSDR and now SmartSDR, has Flex Radio considered working with or asking KE9NS to assist with the software development of SmartSDR?

KE9NS has really advanced PowerSDR with so many features and in "MY OPINION" a better UI and Feature set than SmartSDR, has Flexradio considered working with KE9NS?

I do not know the software architecture of both applications, but I am wondering if KE9NS could build "plug-ins" or standalone programs to enhance SmartSDR.

Is there an area on this community to suggest Feature sets to add to SmartSDR that can analyzed and put into the Product backlog by the SmartSDR Product Manager at FlexRadio?

Considering that FlexRadio has gone to a SAAS model for the software, it would be nice to see some more features added to the product.


  • Bob K8RC
    Bob K8RC Member ✭✭✭

    The architectures of PowerSDR and SmartSDR are totally different.

    PowerSDR can be described as smart computer, dumb radio. The radio box providing the analog to digital conversion and the attached computer does all the heavy lifting of digital filter construction, demodulation, etc.

    SmartSDR, on the other hand does its computational magic inside the radio box. The attached computer, tablet(Maestro), iPad or iPhone serves as a display & control interface for the math festival inside the radio. Relatively little actual processing happens inside the computer.

    There would be little or no commonality in the code bases.

  • Robert KB6QXM
    Robert KB6QXM Member ✭✭
    edited October 2020

    Bob, that was not the focus of the question. I understand the differences between the radios and the software. The question would be if KE9NS has been approached by Flexradio systems to assist with the development of the software. I know that the code bases are different. I just do not know if Flexradio systems has published APIs for the code, so that people can add to the product or if the code is locked down. I see that there are standalone applications built for SmartSDR Woodradio S meter that now crosses both product lines. Also K9DUR publishes standalone applications for the 6XXX.

  • Brett
    Brett Member ✭✭
    Flex does seem to need help in the software department.
  • Bill -VA3WTB
    Bill -VA3WTB Member ✭✭✭

    What added programs would you ask for?

    I don't know what he would be able to do as far as writing any code for SSDR. Unlike PSDR the code is on an FPGA chip and there are just not many who can program for that,,it is like an art form.

    Yes there are API for SSDR

  • Robert KB6QXM
    Robert KB6QXM Member ✭✭


    Thank you for the response. As I am a Product Manager/Product Owner professionally and a long-term beta tester for hardware and software as a hobby and that is why I automatically analyze software products. What I look like are multiple items. First I do do a feature set side by side comparison. I usually put that into a spreadsheet. I compare the User Interface and User Experience. For instance, KE9NS has added so many new features both visually and functionality to PowerSDR ever since he took over the project. Many add-ons by both KE9NS and other 3rd parties have made PowerSDR a great piece of software. I would like to see a forum where users such as myself can make product feature enhancement requests, so that the Product Manager at FlexRadio can analyze, priortize and put into the product backlog for future releases.

  • Larry _ NY8T
    Larry _ NY8T Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 2020

    "I just do not know if Flexradio systems has published APIs for the code, so that people can add to the product or if the code is locked down"

    Yes, API


  • Mack W4AX
    Mack W4AX Company Adviser ✭✭✭

    The Flex API is fully published and available to developers and other interested parties. You can write complete operating systems like has been done for the iOS and Macintosh apps.



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