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What is the difference between Maestro versions A and B

Lou KI5FTY Member ✭✭

What is the difference between Maestro versions A and B and how can you tell by looking at the unit?

Best Answers

  • Bob K8RC
    Bob K8RC Member ✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    They are built around two slightly different tablets.

    The A version has the power button on the top left.

    The B version's power button is on the left side.

  • Bob K8RC
    Bob K8RC Member ✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    I'm not aware of any feature differences with one possible exception:

    The A model, like I own, has an annoying problem that makes it boot up with no human interaction..

    Here's the scenario that I have actually experienced:

    1. The unit is off but the AC power supply is plugged in to keep the soft switch circuitry from discharging the internal battery while the unit is in storage.
    2. The AC power is interrupted then re-established.
    3. The unit boots up all by itself. <--- Nothing else I own does this.
    4. The AC power then goes down and stays off for a few hours which is long enough to discharge both the main battery and the tablet's internal battery.
    5. The next time you go to use the unit it is dead and can not be rebooted even with AC power.

    You then have to disassemble the unit and recharge the tablet's battery separately since the internal charging circuitry won't charge if the battery voltage gets too low. If that doesn't work then the unit gets a trip to Texas for service.

    I have been told that this doesn't happen with a B model. I have no first hand experience with a B model so I can't say if it fixes the flaw or not.

    My "fix" is to store the Maestro with AC power from a UPS so it's really not a deal breaker.


  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator
    Answer ✓

    Hi Lou, there are no feature differences between the two.


    Len (the other RC), KD0RC


  • Lou KI5FTY
    Lou KI5FTY Member ✭✭

    @Bob K8RC thanks for the info, are there any major feature differences between the two versions?

  • ka9ees
    ka9ees Member ✭✭✭

    @Bob K8RC

    The B model I'm using booted all by itself today. I held the button a little bit too long when I shut it down. So I had to swipe the arrow down to complete the shutdown. But a few minutes later it booted up on its own. First time it's ever done that. At least that I'm aware of. As I don't own it.


    Ed KA9EES

  • PB2RVS
    PB2RVS Member
    Hi , My version A is booting up by it self somtimes , i have the feeling that the internet connection to the radio is interupted for a short time or the internet connection from the maestro to lan is short interupted what causes the problem , when you pull out the ethernet rj45 en put it back in it connects your internet again and you can start upm your radio again , takes too long if i can give my opinion , anyone recognises this failure?

    Kind regards ,Rob

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