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A note about submitting HelpDesk tickets

Dan-N7HQ FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager admin
edited October 2020 in Message Board

Monday mornings are usually busy times for the FlexRadio Support team where the incoming ticket queue contains support requests that arrived during the weekend. We usually spend the first few hours performing a triage on the new arrivals and strive to respond to every request by the end of the day. Today is no exception.

However, today's batch is unusual in one respect; the number of requests that don't contain actual information.

The more information and context we receive at the onset of a HelpDesk ticket, the faster we can assist. Submissions with a problem description like "Read the instructions, it doesn't work, please help!" or "Bought a new PC, it locks up", simply, do not contain enough information and results in unnecessary delays.

We are always happy to help, don't need a lot of data and can always assume it has something to do with operating a radio. So, please read your request and make sure it has enough information to provide a basic context.

When in doubt, please read this post from Tim:


Dan, N7HQ