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Shortcuts/Band Change from Flex Control


Hi, not sure where the new ideas for SmartSDR for Mac should be posted. Will try in a new discussion.

One of the major inconveniences with Flex/SmartSDR is band changing. Really missing the old school band change buttons on 6600M. Flex Control could be an option when operating locally or remote.

Currently there is no Band Up/Down available under mapping for Flex Control buttons in SmartSDR for Mac. Is it possible to add those options?

Secondly - would be be possible to integrate shortcuts into SmartSDR for Mac? Basically so that all those items that can be mapped for Flex Control could also be mapped to some shortcuts. That would make remote operation so much easier.





  • Kevin WM4J
    Kevin WM4J Member ✭✭

    Hey Tonno, I don't know if Marcus is watching the forum. I do know he is responding to emails and he has been very responsive to enhancements and bug emails that I have sent him.

    If he doesn't respond here it might be worth sending him an email.

    To get his email:

    click on "SmartSDR --> Preferences" in the menu bar

    On the "Preferences" window click the "Information & Support" tab

    Click the "Mail to Marcus, DL8MRE" button

  • Tonno Vahk
    Tonno Vahk Member ✭✭

    thanks, I wrote to Marcus and this must be the world record on reacting to a wish. He said he had just uploaded the new version into AppStore with band change function added to Flex Control. So he did it just before I came up with this idea, what a timing:) And shortcuts are in the pipeline... Wonderful.